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Organic, sustainable soaps to compliment your body & your home. Made from all natural ingredients. Made in Hong Kong by So...Soap.

Made with the best natural rose, chamomile, bergamot, lavender and tea tree essential oils, these organic soaps are blended with pure olive oil and are made with loving tender care by So...Soap right here in Hong Kong.

Browse our natural, organic bath, body and beauty products below:


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HK Aromatherapy, Candles, Diffusers and Bath Products


Taking a bath is something we do every day. A good sense of hygiene is good for the mind as well as the body. But bath times do not have to be a chore. By using special blends designed to keep the skin soft and glowing, you give yourself the chance to experience a whole new kind of sensation. Decor8 presents its unique blends in bath and body products to take your experience of taking a bath to a whole new level. Choose between our products – whether for your hair or your body and let our products reinvigorate your mind and soul.


Created from special blends of natural and essential oils, bathe surrounded by the pleasing scent of lavender or bergamot. Indulge in aroma therapy and close your eyes as the scents transport you to a whole new dimension of gentleness and ease. Why should bath times have to be restricted to the same old soaps and same old routine, when you can gift yourself these perfect treats? Look through our collections today to find just the right pick for your bathing luxuries. Our products are organic, meaning you do not have to worry about any danger to your body. Carefully selected and including ingredients such as lavender, rose, chamomile and bergamot – we even have tea tree essential oils added in to create the perfect blend for you.


Decor8 presents its special collection of products to create your spa oasis at home. Instead of using a normal, every day shampoo that does damage to your hair with the chemicals in them – pick from our range to find something that suits your needs. Selected from natural ingredients, our products not only envelop the senses, but their organic nature prevents damage to your body. Select between different kinds of natural ingredients, or test them all out! The one thing we can guarantee is that you will definitely find something that suits your requirements. From Pine, to Tea Tree, pick a hand soap that leaves your hands feeling soft, supple and smelling beautiful.


With the rush people face across their days, life can turn into a daily struggle. The times we spend in the shower are often times we use to think about our daily lives. A place to relax, reinvigorate and re-energize yourself, those moments add a touch of luxury to an otherwise routine day. By using the products at Decor8, you give yourself the chance to take that experience to a whole new world. Let nature take you away into a place where you can be free from life’s daily struggles. Give yourself the chance to look away for those few moments in the day and let yourself shine in the midst of scents and relaxation. Chosen specifically for their benefits when it comes to dealing with skin and body types, our range at Decor8 Furniture HK gives you the exclusive chance to transform your bath time experience. Our products are carefully blended with just the right ingredients to soothe your senses. And not just your body, to give you a wholesome experience, our range of products extends this benefit to your mind as well.


Ingredients such as Lavender and Chamomile are good for the mind and the senses. The unique aromas can heal your mind, soothe your nerves and give you a holistic experience in tune with nature. Proven down the ages, these ingredients affect the body by reducing stress, calming the mind and gently caressing the soul. By using the products at Decor8 you give yourself the chance to create a bath time experience suited to royalty.


By bringing your bath time experience close to nature, you allow yourself to step out of the daily grind and enter a world free of stress and strife. Indulge with our products to create an environment of peace and relaxation where you can take a bath with ease. Why not make your bath time luxurious? All it takes is the right blend of organic ingredients to transform moments of you day into something cool and refreshing. Let the scents envelop you as it eases your mind and lets you open your eyes to a whole new world. The collection at Decor8 has been carefully curated keeping your needs in mind. To give you the best experience, our bath and body products have been especially selected to manufacture that ideal blend. Browse through our range to find something that suits not just your body, but your personality as well.


Different base ingredients have different benefits when using them. By picking Lavender, you find something that creates an aura of calm and happiness. Similarly, different base ingredients have different benefits to choose from. Look through our collection at Decor8 to find something that suits not just your body, but your personality as well. Why should bath times be restricted to just cleaning the body and leaving the shower? Our selection lets you pick and choose between different products letting you select what suits your mental as well as your physical needs. If you like a product, you can even try a different blend the next time to ensure a constant new thrilling adventure in the bath.


Our powerful blends will also clear away any dirt and debris, leaving no trace of dirt left on your body. Alongside that, these also work to clean your mind through using essential oils which have a good effect on the brain. Whether you are looking for products for your hair, or for your body, at Decor8 we always have something for you. So look through our collection today to find something to suit your requirements. Our special blends will work in harmony to give you an experience the likes of which you have never dealt with before. Our products will leave you feeling fresher, make your skin and hair healthier and give you a natural glow. So peruse through our range, find something you like and go ahead and try it! Let our unique blends create a fresher, reinvigorated you.