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Dressers & Chests

Shop dressers, chests and bedroom cabinets at Decor8 Furniture Hong Kong Bedroom Furniture Collection - the best selection of modern design dressers, drawers, chests and bedroom storage furniture perfect for Hong Kong interior design. Browse our extensive collection of storage cabinets, bedroom furniture such as dressers, chests and more cabinetry furniture made of premium solid woods such as oak and elm.

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Dressers and Chests


Having a place to store your belongings is a requisite for any home. From clothes to books, it is not done to have these things lying around the house, and it can create quite clutter. When you are browsing through furniture Hong Kong to find that perfect dresser, you may not initially know where to look. And this is where the carefully curated collection at Decor8 comes in to help. A wide range encompassing various styles and finishes, you are bound to find something that matches well with your interiors while giving you ample storage space to store your belongings in. 



A Wide Range of Designs


From wooden finishes to different styles, the collection of furniture Hong Kong in Decor8 is massive. You are bound to find something that will go well with whatever aesthetic you have chosen to design your home with. Not just traditional dressers, you can even opt for multi-functional pieces of storage – such as a vanity table with space for storage attached to it. We need to keep our homes clean, as such, having storage units are extremely useful is maintaining that. By placing household items such as clothes, books, magazines and other knick knacks in place, we help to ensure that nothing is lost and that we can find certain items when we are looking for them.



Different Styles to Choose From


From walnut finishes to oak finishes, Decor8 has it all. Shopping for furniture Hong Kong has never been a more exciting experience. You can look through the collection today to find that perfect piece of furniture to go well with your home. A Dresser or a Chest can be placed anywhere in the house, though dressers are normally meant for the bedroom. All it takes is a little bit of imagination to get the interior decorator in you fired up to create the perfect home for you and your family today. You no longer have to worry about not having the perfect space to store your clothes and other such belongings in – Décor8 has the perfect collection aimed at taking care of that issue for you.



The Perfect Storage System


If you want a home that is neat and clean, where everything is where it should be – then a Dresser or a Chest is perfect for you. It will help you to maintain a clean home, and comes in a style that is both durable, and good to look at.






Decor8 Dressers & Chests Collection

The Perfect Bedroom Storage Solutions


For most of us, another key piece in the bedroom is our dressers and chests of drawers. Such items provide the much-needed storage space for that never-ending clothing collection that keeps adding up. Depending on the amount of storage needed, one dresser could be enough for someone that may not have a lot of clothing items. For others that have lots of clothing, maybe the option to mix and match items to increase your storage needs could work in your space. With any of these large items, your available space will determine how many of these items you can add without making the room feel cluttered.


What size dresser would be perfect for my room?


Even if you want plenty of storage, you need to think about the available space in your room. There is no point having an extremely large storage dresser if it restricts movement around your bedroom. The best way to determine which size will fit best in your room is to map out the area and plan where you want each piece to go. You'll want to think about how the cabinet and drawers will open as well. Cabinets with drawers that open outwards will take up a little more room and you'll want to be sure that you can comfortably open them. Most important think when adding a dresser into a room is don't try to cram an oversized cabinet into a tiny room. It's not worth the hassle and can often make the room look awkward.


What style dresser will work for me?


You want to be consistent with the style of this unit. Look at the items you already own and try to coordinate by choosing items that have something in common, whether it be the material, color or both. If you aren't into that matchy-matchy look then you could try a contrasting piece but keep it so that they complement each other and that they won't clash.


Should I get a chest of drawers or a dresser?


This depends on how you would like to store your items. Chest of drawers tends to be higher with drawers stacked vertically, while dressers are wider with a lower profile. You may find one might work better than the other depending on your available space. Your layout will dictate which piece you would go for in your space. For instance, a space lacking floor space may be better to incorporate a tall narrow chest of drawers. On the other hand, if you have wide open floor space to spare then you may opt for a dresser whereby you can add decorations or accessories on top with more desirable useable surface area atop of the furniture piece.