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Premium quality Brazilian genuine cowhides and rugs, Imported directly from Brazil.

Decor8 premium cowhides are imported from Brazil, South America in an outstanding range of patterns and colors. Browse our growing collection of genuine natural cowhide rugs and woven rugs.

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Rugs HK


The perfect way to accentuate a room is by adding a rug to it. Imagine walking across a hard floor to find your feet grazing against something soft and comfortable. Not just a feast for the eyes, adding a rug to a room adds a blend of that personal touch as well. At Decor8 Furniture Hong Kong, you can browse through our unique collection of rugs to find something that matches your style. Available is a variety of patterns and textures – our collection can help you find exactly what you are looking for. Specially imported from Brazil in South America, the collection at Decor8 Furniture Hong Kong spares nothing to ensure that you find that perfect rug for your room.


Rugs have a way of making any room stand out. Essentially it is accessorizing your floor, but it makes a statement about you as well. From cowhide rugs to woven textile ones, Decor8 presents a wide range and variety – enough to ensure you find something that satisfies you. Our rugs can be placed in a wide variety of locations. From personal homes to industrial locations, Cafés to restaurants – if you need a rug, then we have something for you. So stop by today and browse through our range to find that perfect rug for your perfect room.


Cowhide Rugs HK


A rug is more than just a simple accessory for your room. It is a part of your personality that blends with the space you spend your time in. Not just a piece of cloth for your homes, our natural cowhide rugs are specially imported from Brazil, South America to give you the most authentic kind of an experience. Available in a wide variety of designs and colors, our rugs are stain repellant as well. This means that even if you place a rug in an area where a large number of people would walk over it in any given day, the rug can still be easily maintained.


Used in places outside of homes as well, a rug adds a personal touch and gives the floor an extra touch of personality. Why stop at just decorating the walls, when the whole floor can give you something to add to it as well? People do not often notice the floor in any given room, especially if it is barren, by adding a rug you give your guests a place not just to relax there feet, but to admire as well. Place a rug in your living room and watch your guests enjoy the fabulous design and aesthetic. Our rugs can be used across a wide range of settings. A cowhide rug in a Café adds personality and creates an ambiance that oozes style. From personal homes to even industrial outlets – yes, place a rug outside your office door, or at the reception so your guests can admire your choice. And not even that, you yourself can enjoy your rug any time you want to. Select between colors – do you want a white rug? Maybe a brown or a black one if you are afraid of getting it dirty. Maybe you can even go for a patterned selection – anything you want, we have. 


And best of all – you don’t have to worry about the rug getting dirty. Spilled some coffee? No problem. A lot of traffic over these rugs? Easy fix. No matter what the situation, keeping these cowhide rugs neat and clean is an easy task. So cast aside your reservations and browse through our carefully selected collection to find that perfect rug today!


Woven Rugs HK


Rugs come in various designs, and our range of woven textile rugs proves exactly that! Imagine laying one of these perfect designs on your floor – the look, the feel of placing your barren feet on one of our designs. Let the softness caress you as you relax after a hard day’s work, and let it absorb all your worries as you plan out the next day. Ideal not just for personal homes but for commercial locations as well – our designs can inspire you to accessorize the floor until it is absolutely perfect. 


Why leave floors barren and empty? Those kinds of floors can be found in various places, but with just one rug laid atop it, the scenery changes to add more aesthetic appeal. You can even opt for a completely carpeted floor to add a bright splash of color to your room. Browse through our range to find something that suits the ambiance you want to set up in a room and watch your room transform. Selected after careful consideration, these rugs last long, are easy to clean and easy to deal with. Made from material that makes handling easy, you do not have to worry about getting out hard stains, or letting people walk over these rugs. Do you want to place it in an office with high foot traffic? No problem. Are you worried about foot traffic when you consider purchasing a rug? Well fret no longer. The selection at Decor8 Furniture HK keeps in mind your needs when curating, allowing you to pick something that suits your style without worrying about maintenance. With the capability of being easily cleaned, these rugs are more than just an accessory for your room – they are a style statement that defines you.


Our wide range of designs at Decor8 lets you pick something that can suit any mood or setting. Available in various designs and colors – if you need a woven textile rug, then we have something for you. Browse through our collection today and we guarantee that you will find something for any room. Whether you are looking to decorate with just one rug, or looking at different rugs for different rooms – the selection at Decor8 will give you something worth your money. Hassle free and easy to use, these woven textile rugs were specially selected by us to give you the best experience possible. So stop by and shop with us today!