Want to sell at Decor8? Have a great product you want to sell at our showrooms or online shop? Decor8 Hong Kong is currently accepting inquiries from product designers, protypers, interior designers, brick and mortar shops, online shops and manufacturers that want to sell to our amazing database of residential & commercial clientele based here in Hong Kong, China & Macau. Send us your product catalogue, price list and lead times to [email protected]. Please make note to review our site in advance prior to submitting products as we typically only accept products that are in line with our existing price points and styles. Also we also like to work with products that have inventory on hand, so please do let us know what your stock quantities are for the products you want to sell. Telephone inquiries or walk-ins will not be entertained. If you would like to send us a physical sample, we recommend shooting us an e-mail first with the product dimensions and photographs. We look forward to seeing your products!


Examples of First Priority Products Decor8 is on the Hunt for:

  • Affordable Dining Chairs
  • Small Decor
  • Outdoor Furniture
  • Unique Textiles or Cushion Covers
  • Umbrella Stands
  • Storage
  • Kids Furniture