Decor8 Perfect Gift Ideas For the Home


Moving to a new area and starting fresh can be tough but bring about new experiences and opportunities. Whether you are helping someone move or not, it is a great idea to reward their successful relocation with a thoughtful housewarming gift.


Thinking about a gift for a friend or someone who just moved into a new apartment? Bring cheer to their new home with some of our best housewarming gift ideas. It could be something small or something big depending on your preference. Not only will you help to make a cozy space for a new homeowner, you’ll also be able to put a beautiful smile on their face.


Finding that perfect gift has never been easier or more fun with the help from Decor8! We have hunted down some of the best gifts that your hosts will appreciate. See our list of gift ideas suitable for every member living in the new location.





Decor8 Perfect Gift Ideas for the Home - Mendel Light Bulb


Mendel Light Bulb

Giving a light bulb to a friend or a new homeowner can seem a bit cheap. Though if you give a couple of these Mendel Light Bulbs, it can help set a wonderful romantic style room. Bask in the warm ambience of these yellow glowing light bulbs. This kind of lighting is adored by those that love the American industrial loft style. The yellow lighting accompanied by the raw feel of these furniture look amazing and a style that is popular by many. These bulbs fit into most lighting fixtures that accept the E27 bulbs. A way to help brighten up a friend’s new home.  



Decor8 Perfect Gift Ideas for the Home - Cowhide Rug


Cowhide Rugs

These makes for a great unique gift for someone that wants to create an exotic modern interior. The cowhide rugs that we have on offer come in various sizes and colours. You can’t fault them on quality either as each piece is imported directly from Brazil. These cowhide rugs can serve as an area rug giving a huge impact to the look of your interior space. It can help define the space as well as adding more natural beauty to the area. The look of these rugs has a soft and beautiful aesthetics, which can be translated into the room they are placed in.  



Decor8 Perfect Gift Ideas for the Home - Butterfly Stool


Butterfly Stool

This item doubles up as either a decoration or a place to sit. Highly portable with an interesting shape that will be loved by many. These gentle and rounded forms of these stools radiate human warmth and look aesthetically pleasing. The molded plywood stools come in a variety of colours to cater for the colour tone used in a room. Grouping a couple of these stools together looks amazing in any home. You can arrange them into your room so that makes it look natural and warm, with the vision of butterflies fluttering around your room. A piece that will be adored by someone that likes nature. 



Decor8 Perfect Gift Ideas for the Home - Pelican Lounge Chair


Pelican Lounge Chair

A wonderful lounge chair can make for an amazing gift with the ability to offer relaxation to the new homeowner. The Pelican Lounge Chair is a comfy chair that is available in many different vibrant colours. Anyone that loves wool upholstered chairs would love this one. The chair offers firm support with a backrest that wraps around you for some laid back relaxation.The shape looks stylish but be aware of its size if you plan to get this as a gift. A chair this big can take up quite a bit of room so may not make the ideal gift for someone with a small apartment. 



Decor8 Perfect Gift Ideas for the Home - Contour Ottoman


Contour Leather Ottoman

This ottoman fits just about anywhere! Worried the colour won’t match? You won’t have to worry about that anymore. This ottoman comes with a variety of options that can be changed, which include the leg colour, upholstery material, and upholstery colours. The Contour Ottoman would make a perfect addition to any interior and for good reason too! This ottoman provides extra seating or poses as a leg rest. You could even pair it up with a lounge chair or sofa to raise the bar of the comfort level that one can achieve. The small size means that it could fit in small places and even tucked under a desk or dressing table. An excellent housewarming give for someone with a small apartment. 



Decor8 Perfect Gift Ideas for the Home - Cake Ottoman


Cake Storage Ottoman

Want something sweet and cute? Give the Cake Ottoman a try with its wonderful range of colours. What else is there to love about this ottoman? The slip cover comes removable making it easier to clean than conventional ottomans with fixed fabrics. This ottoman offers a splash of colour into the room with a few sizes and shapes available. Whether you want a small piece that can be easily transported around the apartment or a statement piece to gather people around. We also offer this ottoman with storage as well to help keep the many treasures in the home tucked away and safe. Saves from ever losing an item with this amazing concealed storage option. 



Decor8 Perfect Gift Ideas for the Home - Charlie Kids Chair


Decor8 Kids DSW Chair

A housewarming gift doesn't have to be a gift only for the adults of the new home. If you are getting a gift for a new family moving into a new home then a gift for a child may also be a nice gesture. Considered one of our most popular children's chairs, this stylish little chair is perfect for arts & crafts, kids dining and as a small children's desk chair. Super multi-functional, this modern chair is perfect for children's rooms or play areas. There is nothing more heart warming to someone that loves kids to see a child doing what they do with a smile on their face. 



Decor8 Perfect Gift Ideas for the Home - Serge Mouille Style Floor Lamp


Serge Mouille One Arm Floor Lamp

If you want to give something that is a bit more stylish and modern as a housewarming gift, then this may well be the option for you. The Serge Mouille One Arm Floor Lamp will help to brighten up the interior no matter the time of day. This lamp looks its best when placed in a corner or paired with a lounge chair. The perfect combination to indulge in a good book with adequate reading light whether it be day or night. This lamp is available in either black or white to adapt to its surroundings, whether it be placed in a room that is predominately dark or light.