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The Guide to Office Chairs


In a workplace, the primary requirement is to provide your employees with a desk to work at, and a place to sit while working. The office chair has been a part of the basic office requirement since time immemorial, and has been one of the basic necessities of an office environment. Office chairs differ from other types of chairs in various different ways. Office chairs need not only be comfortable, but also need to provide employees with an upright seating position, with focus on ergonomics, comfort, and convenience. 


Office chairs typically provide superior lumbar support, have a well-built backrest, provide the employee with movement options with the use of wheels at the base, and allow for the adjustment of height, to suit the proper working environment and visibility for the employee. In addition, office chairs also allow users to have greater mobility, with the base of the chair being revolving in nature. At Decor8, you can get a wide variety of office chairs that provide your employees with the perfect seating arrangement, while providing them with superior comfort for maximum efficiency.



Types of Office Chairs


While most office chairs look similar, they have various different types, depending upon the construction, the movement and mobility options and the presence of a backrest for superior lumbar support. Here are a few common types of office chairs that can be easily purchased at Decor8:



  • Executive Chairs - These chairs, commonly known as executive chairs, are made to provide employees with all the comforts they require while working in office. Executive chairs have movable lumbar support; enhanced backrests, and options for adjusting the height of the chair. Executive chairs have superior cushioning, compared to regular chairs such as dining chairs and deck chairs, for added comfort. Most executive chairs are made out of metal, with a leather or fabric finish, while there are those available with similar features made out of hardened plastics and have mesh wiring for the lumbar region. Executive chairs also have a larger backrest area, usually extending to the neck, compared to other forms of chairs.
  • Workstation Chairs - As the name suggests, workstation chairs are those that are used by employees who sit along the cubicles. Workmen chairs have features similar to those of executive chairs, but lack some additional features such as enhanced cushioning and extended lumbar support. Workstation chairs are usually built from high grade plastics, however there are other versions that are made of metals such as aluminum or stainless steel. These chairs have a smaller backrest region, and also may or may not contain armrests.
  • Guest Chairs - Guest chairs are those chairs that are used to provide seating arrangements for guests in the office, especially during official work. Guest chairs lack a large number of features found in workstation chairs, such as the ability to change the height of the seat, or a movable lumbar support. Most guest chairs are also devoid of wheels. Guest chairs are usually made out of hard plastics, stainless steel and aluminum, with the lack of a rear cushion and lack of cushioned backrests being a prominent feature for them. While most offices use workstation chairs as modified guest chairs, a large number of organizations have also started to use sofas and other furniture found in the lounge as part of the guest seating facility.



Decor8 has a wide variety of office chairs of different categories to choose from. The office furniture Hing Kong range at Decor8 is made with excellent craftsmanship and superior attention to detail while utilizing the best raw materials to choose from.