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Modern Office Chairs

Office Chairs Hong Kong - furniture, designer office chairs, computer chairs, conference chairs, desk chairs, leather office chairs, mesh office chairs, ergonomic office chairs. On sale at Decor8 Modern Furniture Hong Kong Office Furniture Outlet. Hong Kong's best office chairs are available at Decor8 Furniture Outlet in a range of styles, colors and materials. Fixed office chairs, adjustable office chairs and unique, modern office seating for every work space in Hong Kong.

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Modern Office Chairs for your Business

Tips on Selecting the Perfect Office Chairs, Task Chairs, Reception Chairs and More



Office chairs can be seen as heavy duty chairs, especially in a busy office environment. You'll want something that can keep you comfortable for hours on end and buying one isn't as simple as it seems. There are lots of factors that you must pay attention to when picking out the right chair for yourself. Things like a person's body shape, material, and ergonomic features will affect which chair you decide upon in the vast collection available to you.


How to consider which will be the best chair for me?


The best option is to test out the chairs at a Decor8 showroom if possible. Don't be afraid to ask questions. You'll be spending a lot of time in the office chair so it is vital that the chair is comfortable and ergonomically correct for your body shape. Here are some things you may want to consider when picking out your chair:


Backrest: Choosing a chair with the right backrest is vital if you want to reduce stress on your spine. Finding a high back office chair or a low back one will depend on preference. You may way to have something that is adjustable so that you may fine tune it to the way you want it.


Seat Material: You'll be in the chair for long periods so considering material types is another key to picking the right chair for you.  Padded cushions may be a preferred option for someone that is looking for extra cushion or support, whilst something like a mesh chair may work better for those looking for better breatheability. Mesh chairs come with a breathable material to help keep the air circulating in your body.


Armrests: You can choose to have these or not and it's all a matter of preference. If you want a chair that you can pull right up to the table then you may opt to do without them. If you prefer to have them, then maybe looking for some that can be adjustable would be your best option. You don't want something that is too high or low otherwise you may find that it may cause tension in your shoulders. You wouldn'y want one that is too wide either since this will make you extend your elbows into an uncomfortable position.


Chair Base: You may want something that is fixed or something that you can move around in. Having an adjustable height for the chair base would help to adjust the chair so that it is ergonomically correct for your body. You'll want to be sitting with your thighs horizontal with your feet flat on the floor, which will help to minimize strain on your back.



What styles are available?


There is a range of different styles that are offered and you'll want something that is comfortable, to your liking, and whether it will fit into your office area. In the world of office chairs, there are many types to choose from. Here are some of them:


Conference Chairs: These are designed for boardroom usage. These types are not made to be mobile or adjustable. Our Cantilever Office Chairs can be categorized to this type of chair.


Ergonomic Chairs: These chairs offer full support for any body type with pretty much everything thing being adjustable to give you the right posture for working at your desk.


Executive Chairs: These are grand type office chairs and tend to be more expensive with their one of a kind feature. Such chairs are often used by companies' top executives.


Guest Chairs: These are similar to that of the conference chairs but generally made of plastic or wood in various colors and designs. These chairs are often placed in waiting areas or in a consultation booth.


Mesh Chairs: Unlike foam or leather chairs, these are made with a net-like fabric with offers great air circulation stopping heat build up from long seating sessions.


Stacking Chairs: These are the space savers for areas that can be over crowded. The chairs are made to be lightweight and stackable as to be able to move them in and out of storage with ease.


Task Chairs: Most popular office chair with a basic design, rotation mechanism, with casters and wheels. These are commonly found in the workplace and usually, come with a reasonable price tag.



Start by looking through our online catalog to see what chairs are available and suit your business needs.