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Start investing in your home and office today with good furniture design at Decor8, the best design store in Hong Kong featuring designer furniture, home furnishings and designer accessories.


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At Decor8 Modern Furniture Hong Kong, our furniture design studio team work with interior designers, architects, artists, property developers to help them fit out their spaces. Good furniture design not only serves the be comfortable and visually pleasing - it also improves the living environment and the ambience of the space. In Hong Kong, furniture design can greatly increase the perception and valuation of the space - in other words, furniture design in Hong Kong can be seen as an investment in the property. This leads us to the next question - Not all of us know about modern design, how do we find good modern design furniture in Hong Kong that is affordable, with a quick lead time and can improve the quality of my flat immediately?


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At Decor8 we constantly update and improve our modern design furniture selection, offering the latest furniture designs at affordable prices and quick lead times. Our direct connection to the production lines offers quick lead times for custom furniture products, such as custom made sofas. A custom upholstered sofa may take any time between 3 to 6 months in Europe, at Decor8, we get in done within 2-3 weeks. In stock items take around 1-2 weeks for delivery, depending on the item and model. Our advantage of being able to custom make furniture very quickly allows our customers to upgrade their flats and apartments any time and see the results immediately.


Decor8 Furniture Design - Solid Wood with Cool and Warm Greys 

Good furniture design does not mean that one has to break the bank to get furniture that is made in Europe. In fact, most furniture that is used in Europe and America are made in Asia, with extremely high production standards that conform to international standards. In Hong Kong, we are blessed to be in a geographically favorable location to source high quality furniture designs from all over Asia. China now produces most of the worlds furniture, in fact, the level of craftsmanship and quality has increased to a very decent level. Furniture designs have also improved dramatically to cater to international styles and tastes. Raw materials for the furniture come from different parts of the world - solid oak wood is imported from America, teak woods, rattan and wicker are imported from Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and other South East Asian Countries, elm woods and certain oak woods imported from Russia, as well as other hard woods from Siberian forests. The globalization of furniture production has allowed high quality furniture designs to be made using the finest materials available. At Decor8 you will find solid oak wood dining tables, teak stools, rattan and wicker outdoor patio furniture, cowhide rugs from Argentina, and more, all available for mix and match in your flat.


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A lot of our customers come to Decor8 without any interior design experience. They look at Decor8 furniture designs for inspiration and achieve instant results without having to break the bank on designers and consultants. For those who wish to learn more about furniture design in Hong Kong, or would love to become an interior decorator, there are design courses in Hong Kong that are tailored towards furniture design. The Hong Kong Design Institute (HKDI) offers courses in furniture design. Their Professional Certificate in Innovative Furniture Design is a furniture design course for students to understand the background of furniture design, to stimulate creativity, to acquire user-needs and advanced knowledge and skills in the production process. Students will also learn the global trends in furniture design. Another way is to browse furniture magazines. These magazines feature modern designer furniture that can serve as a reference when selecting Decor8 furniture designs.


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Furniture design is a truly exciting field because of its widespread appeal and endless artistic possibilities. Good furniture design is not only a luxury concept, but a pragmatic and affordable way to invest in the property. Decor8 Furniture Hong Kong delivers great modern furniture designs at affordable prices and quick lead times, allowing for immediate impact and instant results.



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