Top Essential Home Colour Ideas

Discover the Decor8 Guide: Essential Home Colour Ideas to Enhance Your Interior. Colour plays an important role in transforming how your space looks and feels. It has the potential to set both tone and ambiance. From starck minimalist interiors that rely on pristine whites to setting a colourful balance of pairing bright hues with neutral tones, colour is an opportunistic choice for new home owners, diy renovators, and designers seeking to acheive a unique look with minimal investment. How have you integrated your favourite colour to your interior? E-mail us with a comment and photo to [email protected] for a chance to be featured in our next blog post or article!



1) Imperial Blue & Indigo Blue Furniture & Decor

Decor8 Modern Furniture Colour Guide - Imperial Blue and Indigo Furniture


The colour blue is a multifaceted colour with many variations in its tone, hue and saturation. Blues are a wonderful colour to add to any interior and can be easily paired with many different colours to add subtle colour pop. Our favorites include darker, deep blues like midnight blue, imperial blue and Indigo Blue. Indigo is a deep and bright colour nearing by the colour blue on the colour wheel. Some other similar colours to Indigo include our favorite ultramarine and other tones including electric indigo, deep indigo, light indigo and tropical indigo. The word indigo was first named after the indigo dye derived from the plant indigofera tinctoria. We’re all familiar with this unique blu-ish color that are favorites revolutionized through similar tones in denim, violet-blue and imperial blue and midnight blue. Various tones of indigo are a popular colour for homes because of its versatility and ability to pair well with wither colours in the rainbow spectrum as well as its ability to subtly add colour to more neutral toned interiors.


2) Mustard Yellow Furniture & Decor

Decor8 Modern Furniture Colour Guide - Dark Yellow & Mustard Yellow Furniture


Mustard Yellow is an eclectic retro colour that reminds of the mid 60s, dandelions & grey poupon. Warm and muted, mustard yellow is a hugely popular shade that adds a pop of colour that punches up a room with playfulness and excitement. Mustard Yellow signifies prosperity and style, which tend to look simply amazing when trying to achieve a sun-kissed interior style. A scene-stealing hue, mustard yellow pairs well with deep grays, blacks and whites or can be paired with deep dark blues. Mustard Yellow is an interesting colour choice for interiors and can be translated in many different ways. Mustard Yellow can be more subdued and blend in with neutrals in the interior space. Darker shades of mustard yellow can help to accomplish a masculine aesthetic interior style. This is a perfect way to revitalize your home with a bit of fun and fashion.


3) Pale Orange & Orange Toned Furniture

Decor8 Modern Furniture Colour Guide - Citrus Tones & Orange Furniture


Citrus tones like orange come in a variety of hues including the following: pale orange, mandarin orange, salmon orange and burnt orange. Using the color orange in your home design is an easy way to incorporate bright color into your space because of tis versatility and close tonal connection to almost all wood tones and beige colors. The color orange has the power to make a room upgrade itself into a contemporary space especially when it is paired with grey tones. When paired with classic woods, the color orange gives us a retro feel that takes the style of the room and gives it that 1960s flair. Citrus tones are drawn from inspiration from fruit and gives the interior a fun splash of color usually associated with summer. Some of the most cheery colour options in this palette include pairing variations like lime, grapefruit, orange, and lemon tones. These vibrant colours helps to add interest and keeps an all-white interior from looking all washed-out. This zesty palette can make a home feel instantly fresh and tidy without much effort. Citrus tones can keep the mid-century spirit alive when used in the right contemporary pieces. This style can easily transition from indoors to outdoors, which provides ideal and versatile wherever you decide to incorporate this look.


4) Jade & Emerald Green Furniture 

Decor8 Modern Furniture Colour Guide - Jade and Emerald Green Furniture


The Jade palette are popular choices for adding a sense of freshness to create a calming effect in your interior space. Jade is mainly associated with the colour green as it gives off a traditional and expensive feeling, this is from being associated with the Asian culture where Jade is highly respected and appreciated. Jade tones is becoming more popular nowadays due to it being classed as a precious earthly colour. Jade & emerald green furniture pair well with both walnut wood hues as well as lighter wood palettes. Having interior in jade tones gives off a positive and relaxing vibe and the colours are quite light and energetic so it doesn’t give off a heavy atmosphere. Jade color combinations can make a room feel tranquil and soothing. Jade hues of green are generally associated with healing and natural protection. These colours are generally pleasant to the eye, convey a sense of beauty, make a room feel quiet and inviting.


5) Whiskey Brown Furniture and Decor

Decor8 Modern Furniture Colour Guide - Whiskey Brown Furniture


Whiskey brown is a rich, beautiful colour that has the ability to transform a dull interior into a classic interior that is both timeless and universal. The feeling it gives is a sense of belonging and warmth. Whiskey brown is another one of the colours which remains hugely popular with society. The colour can be suited for any atmosphere and is easy on the eyes. Commercially, whiskey brown can be easily utilized in lounges, cafes and receptions while at home whiskey brown is a universal color that can accent and highlight any part of your home or be a feature attraction. Whiskey brown comes in various hues, which are generally associated with leather products. When incorporating Whiskey brown into an interior, it adds sophistication and gives a harmonious effect when other materials are involved. It gives the room an invitation for such materials like rustic wood texture, gray color tones of concrete, stone and stainless steel. With all this combined, you get an interior space that is natural whilst feeling cozy and comfortable. Whiskey brown works well with shades of red and dark walnut colors that find their way into the room.


6) Cool Grey Furniture and Decor

Decor8 Modern Furniture Colour Guide - Cool Grey Furniture



There’s no doubt that an interior space is a reflection of the person that lives there. The reason we love cool grey is that the options for pairing this universal color are endless.  Cool grey is considered both stylish and smart. It can successfully keeps its distance while remaining neutral and unobtrusive. It is a great match for interiors with industrial and contemporary styles. At the same time, cool grey goes well with wood elements and other neutral colours. Cool grey is known for having a hint of blue in its tone making it perfect for pairing with bright whites, light woods and pale colors. 


7) Warm Grey Furniture and Decor

Decor8 Modern Furniture Colour Guide - Warm Grey Furniture


Warm greys are a powerful neutral colour tone to add to your interior that can act as the primary or secondary colour theme. Add a very subtle pop to already neutral toned palettes that already use beiges, blacks, whites or degrees of grey or add more electic colour definition to already grey toned colour palettes. While warm grey is the perfect colour to pair with neutral tones like muted beiges, off whites because of its inherent brown/beige undertones, it also pairs brilliantly with brighter colors like bright red, royal blue, lemon yellow and mandarin orange. Adding brighter colours with warm grey create a fresh and contemporary setting whether you're pairing an orange throw cushion with a grey sofa or pairing a blue ottoman with a grey lounge table or grey side table. Revamp your second bedroom by adding a colourful lounge chair paired with a grey floor or table lamp or vice versa. Warm grey rocks the boat and is a powerful colour that is both modern, contemporary and forever universal.


8) Bright White Furniture and Decor

Decor8 Modern Furniture Colour Guide - White Furniture


White is a powerful that fits into many different styles. An all-white colour scheme gives an inviting look that is clean, effortless and achingly romantic. White may not be so suitable for a "lived in" environment but this doesn't mean you should exclude this colour all together. One of the best uses of whites is using it as a contrast piece allowing you to put focus on the air. Using cool white tones can either give a crisp and bracing feel or even a dull lifeless feel. These usually consist of whites with blue, green or grey undertones. Warm whites are desired if you want to achieve a soft and romantic feeling in your interior. These consist of beige, peach, or yellow cast. Whites generally work well with such materials like glass, mirror and metallics creating a pristine modern interior.


9) Beige, Off-White, Antique White Furniture and Decor

Decor8 Modern Furniture Colour Guide - Beige Furniture


Beige, off-white and antique whites are seen as a warm neutral colour that is also seen as buff, cream, tan, or even khaki. The colour varies from tones closer to the brown palette to a pale cream. Beige, off-white and antique white are known to be a comfortable modern colour when looking at it from an interior designers point of view. At the same time this is also a generic colour people like to use for walls especially those that will be put on the market. The reason behind this is that beige is a neutral and safe choice in terms of design. If you are going to try beige then when not try an all beige colour style with different hues. This can turn your room into a inviting warm environment that welcomes all.


10) Pale Yellow & Lemon Yellow Furniture



Pale yellow and lemon yellow furniture is a perfect subtle contrasting color to pair with beiges, off-whites and grey toned furniture and decor. Pale yellows have the ability to become a new "neutral" color in your home design. Yellow brings warmth to your interior and can be layered with additional tones of yellow for a gradated of soft yellow tones. Pale yellow can also be paired with dark walnuts or blacks to create a powerful, contrasting interior design theme.


11) Brown Furniture



Brown is seen as a mix of all colors, thus its strength in being able to relate and pair well with other colors. Brown pairs well with red & orange tones to create a warm interior. Try layering bright colors with a diverse palette of brown tones like cedar brown, coffee brown or toffee brown to create an eye-catching space that is both inviting and contemporary. Sofas and lounge chairs made with brown fabric or brown leather upholstery are also popular classic choices that can easily be paired well with existing furniture and decor.