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Wood Dining Chairs

Wood dining chairs exude warmth and character. Available in both light woods and dark woods, Decor8 wood dining chairs are made from premium solid woods and are available in a range of new cutting edge styles.

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Wood Dining Chairs


Wood has always been a favorite material for furniture among homeowners. You can never go wrong with classic wooden furniture, whether it is placed in a modern or traditional home. You will also find trendy wooden furniture in several commercial spaces such as offices and corporate buildings. It adds that much-needed warmth and richness to any room!


One of the biggest reasons why homeowners and flat renters opt for wood dining chairs is due to their elegance and timeless design. Wood furniture has a distinctive character that cannot be matched by any other material. Whether you pick a high-gloss finish or something raw and rustic, it is guaranteed to make your living space come alive.




Wood is available in two varieties: hardwood and softwood. Examples of hardwood include teak, mahogany, oak, rosewood and ashwood. This type of wood is usually more expensive than softwood, but it is also extremely durable and has a very rich appearance. At Decor8, our wood chairs are made from either Beech Wood, Birch Wood, Ash Wood or Oak Wood that are left in their natural color or are usually painted in black or dark wood finishes. Some styles are even painted in other colors as seen in our Wishbone stye armchairs.


Examples of softwood include cedar and pine. These types of wood are generally lighter in color and take on a richer tone upon exposure to light. Softwoods are usually more susceptible to scratches, but this only adds character to your furniture, that is, it takes on a more rustic, natural feel. 


Easy maintenance


Contrary to popular belief, wood dining chairs aren’t that difficult to clean and require minimal maintenance. This is especially true for hardwood dining chairs. You can use a vacuum cleaner or soft treated cloth to remove debris and dust particles on your wood dining chairs. Also, if you manage to clean up spillage as soon as it appears, wood does not stain if it is finished.


If your wood furniture has a polished finish, you could utilize natural wax polish instead of silicone sprays. Try and avoid cleaning wood with water (particularly untreated wood).


Evergreen style


Your dining chairs are a central part of your living space. It is where you sit comfortably and share meals and conversations with your loved ones. Wood dining chairs offer that comfort and warmth to your dining room. While other interior décor trends may change, wood dining chairs will never go out of style. They are evergreen and will continue to enhance the appearance of living, dining room or kitchen for years to come. Also, you can choose a variety of different finishes, including walnut finish, oak finish, black finish and several others for some styles.