Wonderful New Bench Ideas for Every Part of Your Home

Find creative new ways to use a multi-purpose bench for your home. Use it in your entry hall, behind your sofa, in front of your bed or as a coffee table. The Nelson Style bench comes in a retro natural light wood or in a chic stylish black to match a range of interior design settings. 

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Happy Mid Autumn Festival!

Sep 13, 2019 12:00 PM

Come and celebrate your day off by making your home spic and span with wonderful new design furniture for your home or office. 


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Round Table Ideas for your Dining Room - The Lana Round Marble Table

Lana Round Marble Table

I guess most of us would have imagined adding an air of luxury to your home with the help of marble, that the environment is filled up with sleekness and elegance. Why not incorporating it in the must have furniture clan — dining table?

LANA round marble dining table has been one of the best selling dining table series in our showroom, with a round marble table top off 100cm in diameter and brass-finished leg support, LANA can easily create a luxurious but not tacky atmosphere to match with any modern or contemporary interior design theme. 


LANA 大理石圓型餐桌作為本店最受歡迎傢俬之一,有一個直徑達100厘米的大理石檯面以及銅腳支柱,LANA能輕易地營造奢華而不俗氣的感覺,輕鬆與當代室內設計配合。
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Best Outdoor Furniture Ideas for your Roof, Backyard or Patio

Whether you own a large backyard with a swimming pool nearby or you live in an apartment with simple balcony, you probably will spend a great deal of time enjoying the tranquility there. Therefore it’s essential to select some outdoor furniture to match with your chilling zone so that your private space gets even cozier.

A vast selection of outdoor furniture are available in decor 8, ranging from bar stools, lounge chairs to canopies etc. You can find everything you want in our website. One special feature of our showroom is that most of the outdoor furniture here are made up of synthetic rattan, which is durable, UV resistant and water resistant - a great material for outdoor furniture in Hong Kong. Some typical examples include the lounge chairs and outdoor sofas in the post. Outdoor furniture comes in various size and colour, which can be fitted into designated outdoor space according to the existing style of your outdoor space.

不論你是住在別墅,坐擁諾大花園或是住在城市一角,擁有一個小型露台,您大概會花不少時間待在這些地方享受戶外環境帶來的恬靜。所以,用戶應更花心思於搭配及添置戶外傢俬,使您的空間更添一份舒適。 Decor8特設戶外傢俬系列,產品包括酒吧高椅、沙發丶天篷等。顧客可於我們網站找到更多心儀產品。另外,本商店戶外傢具多以人造籐作編織,比一般物料耐用,且有防水及防UV功效,適宜置放於戶外。戶外產品均設有不同顏色及大小,方便顧客按需要及喜好決定。

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Creative Lounge Ideas for Your Home or Office

Creative Lounge Ideas for Your Home or Office

There should be more than just a plain junction about the intersection of two walls. It is a good idea to make a feature of one corner of your home or office, brighten the lowkey corner to be sophisticated and stylish.

You can simply put few pieces of furniture in the corner to create your own private area. An easy way is to put a lounge chair, floor lamp & side table. Jacobsen Style Lounge Chair is a good option to show your classic and intelligent personality; Tulip Style Side Table shows the sleek and minimalist design; it can only get better with a floor lamp to brighten up the corner, Serge Mouille Style floor lamp is perfect to echo the overall simple, smooth and curvy look, as well as to create a different zone in your space.

Making good use of the corner area give you higher flexibility to design and arrange your space. 


可以在角落裡放幾件家具來創造另外的區域。 一個簡單的方法是放一張休閒椅,落地燈和邊桌。 Jacobsen Style Lounge Chair是透露出你經典品味和睿智個性的絕佳選擇; Tulip Style Side Table呈現了時尚簡約的設計; Serge Mouille Style floor lamp完美地體現了整體簡潔流暢的感覺。通過落地燈照亮角落,更能劃分一個不同的區域。


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