Mother's Day Guide Gift - Find the Best Gifts for Mum in HK

Mother’s day is near the corner, what gifts is the most suitable to give to our mothers the effort and time she taking care and helping us? The gifts should be practical and match her style. Look no further, with our Mother's Day Gift Guide you you can find the best gift for Mum in HK. Furnitures as a gift is practical and stylish for mothers, a refined and elegant chair for her dressing table; a lounge chair for the living room that she can comfortably watching TV and reading books; beautiful and graceful table lamp for the bedside table etc will definitely make her a day! And the price is affordable that she won’t worry of you wasting money. Choose the furnitures from Decor8 this Mother’s day to show Mom your appreciation with a gift that she will love. 




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Using Console Tables at Home

Apr 26, 2019 1:32 PM

Using Console Tables at Home

Using Console Tables at Home

Console table is a perfect addition to any hallway, dining room or living room, there are various way to style the console these days. Placing a console table at entrance is one of a good idea. It is essential to find accessories to display on your console table. It is recommended to keep the style simple and elegant, but can reflect your own personality. 

If your console table have a top surface and a shelf at the bottom, you ca place a table lamp, vase or candles on the top layer to make a statement, these items need not a be a lot, but just one or two of them can enhance the overall atmosphere; the layer underneath you can place some books or baskets. 

Console table at entrance is very practical as well, it is very convenient to have a small area for you to place your key and other small things too. 

玄關桌是走廊、飯廳或客廳的完美的補充,有多種方式來設置玄關和走廊。 在入口處放置玄關桌是一個好主意。玄關桌的風格可以保持簡潔大方,又能反映出自己的個性。



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The Wonderful World of Mirrors | Integrating Mirrors into Your Living Room

Mirrors are the best thing you can do for your living room. They add so much detail, decoration, and function to your home and take away nothing.

You can hang the mirror on a wall opposite your windows to brighten up the living room by the reflection of the mirror by the light from the windows. 

If you wants to enlarge the interiors of your living room, placing a large piece of mirror on the wall can instantly add dimension, they can break up a wall space in an aesthetically pleasing way. 

You can also group the mirrors together for visual interest. Choose a few smaller mirror in the same color of frames, group them together on a wall in the same place to create an organised feeling without appearing cluttered. 


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Decor8 Ching Ming Festival Public Holiday Hours

The Ching Ming Festival, even in modern-day Hong Kong, is a way to enforce family honour and respect, this is the day that Chinese people sweep the graves of their ancestors, remembering past loved ones, and to spend an enjoyable day with relatives.

It is a time for the family to come together to pay their respects, by visiting and maintaining the burial sites of loved ones and ancestors. Families then have meals together, spending quality times with relatives in this public holiday.

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The Perfect Small Sofa Bed to Squeeze into Any Living Room

There is not many small sofa bed offered in Hong Kong. The Meigs Lounge Chair and Single Person Sofa Bed is the best choice sofa bed to fit out both large and tiny Hong Kong Flats. With only 90cm width, it can be used as lounge chair, and turns easily into a sofa bed, folding out to set up a comfortable and chic place for sleeping. Its thick large cushion as well as its firm support provide extra comfort, when you are just sitting on the chair or sleeping on the bed. It is a great solution where space is at a minimum since this can convert from a sofa to a bed simply by folding down the back. This sofa bed makes your life easier. 


Meigs Lounge Chair and Single Person Sofa Bed can be customerized into various colors, you are welcome to come to our showrooms to see the fabric swatches.

Meigs Lounge Chair and Single Person Sofa Bed是適合任何本地公寓的最佳選擇。 它寬度僅90厘米,閒時可作為休閒椅使用,更可輕鬆轉換成沙發床,適合空間較小的房間,或直接放在客廳也何。 其堅固的框架及厚大的咕

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