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Designer Sofa Hong Kong - Lounge in comfort and style.

Shop modern, contemporary, design classics and retro vintage style sofas to enhance your living room, lobby or lounge area. Browse the Decor8 Modern Furniture Outlet Hong Kong's extensive collection of leather sofas, fabric sofas, lounges and couches, single seater sofas, double seater sofas, three seater sofas, l shaped sofas, sectional sofas, sofa beds and ottomans. Living Room and Lounge Furniture now on sale at Decor8 Furniture Outlet HK. Find the perfect sofa Hong Kong has to offer.

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Make Your Living Room Comfortable with The Right Kind of Sofa in Hong Kong


The hall, den or living room of your home is where you would want to sit down and relax with a hot cup of coffee in the mornings or put your feet up and relax after a hard day at the office. When you have guests over for dinner the first thing they look for when they enter your home is a comfortable and inviting place to sit in your living room. This is where the sofas that you choose for your living room matter the most. 


There's nothing like a warm, inviting and comfortable sofa to crawl into, relax and lighten your mood. Studies have shown that the kind of sofa you own says a lot about your personality and temperament. Let's take a look at some popular sofa designs for your living room or any other room of your home. Create your perfect living room, lounge or reception with Decor8 Sofas Hong Kong.


1-Seater Sofas & Lounge Chairs


Every put together living room has a pair or single 1-seater sofa or lounge chair for the lone sitter or duo. Although most people have these sofas in a pair you could even make a statement and just have 1 solid color single seater sofa in a corner of the den or family room. 1-seater sofas are available in a variety of attractive colors, modern, contemporary, retro and vintage designs that can be customized in a range of fabric, genuine leather or synthetic leather colors. Finding the best sofa arrangement for your interior is super easy at Decor8. Simply browse our site our take our furniture for a test drive at our showrooms. Hong Kong furniture shopping is a breeze. 


2-Seater Sofas, Love Seats & Small Sofas 


These small/medium sized sofas are perfect if you have a small apartment or house with not too much living room space. Also known as ‘love seats’, these small sofa designs are available in a variety of solid colors and fabrics like genuine leather, synthetic leather, premium cotton blends, etc. and will add a lovely touch to the room without taking up too much space. They come in many designs – classic, contemporary, vintage, retro and industrial. Also, did you know a majority of Decor8 sofas can be tailor made to fit your space? 


3-Seater Sofas & Large Sofas 


If you're looking for something more indulgent with a little more room for relaxation and comfort then go in for the 3-seater sofa, perfect to seat a family of, you guessed it, three! Three seater sofas are perfect for ultimate lounging because you can lay down flat and relax. Also three seater sofas are great if you have guests over, eliminating the need for a sofa bed. Again available in a myriad of colors, designs, and fabrics, choose the best 3-seater sofa for your home. Also be sure to check your lift size prior to purchase to make sure your 3 seat sofa will fit your elevator! We can also help customise your sofa to fit your lift dimensions - just please let us know in advance to avoid disappointment. 


Extra-Large Sofas & 4 Seater Sofas 


if you want to indulge yourself in the ultimate lounging and relaxation experience then splurge on an extra-large sofa for your home. Usually, with this kind of roomy sofa, you wouldn’t need another sofa in the room but could probably add on one or two more seating arrangements. However, make sure you have enough room space to accommodate these babies. Make sure to pair your 4-seater sofa with some contrasting color cushions in solid or geometric or dimensional patterns. Extra-large sofas or 4 seater sofas are not only perfect for larger homes or villas, they are the perfect sofa choice for large families or those that have guests over on a continual basis. Extra large sofas and 4 seater sofas can double as extra sleeping arrangements for guests as well also eliminating the need for an extra bed or sofa bed. Remember if you're visiting our showrooms please check in advance to see if your extra-large sofas is displayed at our showroom. While we'd love to display all the furniture on our site in our showrooms, we do have some limitations. So please call our showrooms in advance to avoid disappointment. If you're not visiting a showroom please take a look out our website to find the very best collection of furniture Hong Kong has to offer. 


L-Shaped Sofas & Sectionals 


L-shaped sofas cover the entire length and width of the room and you don’t really need any other seating with an L-shaped sofa. These sofas are a piece of decoration by themselves and when selected in the right way can give the room a modern and contemporary look. L-shaped sofas and sectional sofas are great for big family gatherings and dinners with friends and make everyone come together. L-shape sofas are also ideal for maximum comfort and relaxation eliminating the need for an ottoman. So kick back and relax! When selectin our L-shape sofas or sectionals you can also let us know if you want any custom work done. Typically all our L-shape sofas & sectionals can be customized to fit your size needs in HK.


Futons & Sofa Beds 


Functional sofa beds and futons are perfect multi-functional sofas - they make for great seating as well as extra bedding when you have friends or family members visiting or staying with you. If you have an extra bedroom or a study room, a sofa bed or futon would be the best option. You can lounge on the sofa while you're watching TV or working on your laptop and open it up into a bed when you need to sleep. Sofa beds not only have dual functionality but can help save a lot of space and money too. Choose a futon is a bold or solid color and match it with some colored cushions. With Hong Kong's small flats, futons and sofa beds are the perfect furniture pieces to make the most of your small space. Visit us to take a peek at the very best furniture Hong Kong has to offer. Remember to call in advance to make sure your favorite sofa is displayed in our showroom first!


Chaise lounges & Daybeds 


Daybeds and chaise lounges are becoming more and more popular not just for outdoor seating but indoor seating as well. You could have a chaise lounger as a single piece in a corner of your living room by a side table or tall lampshade. These sofas are great for taking a quick afternoon nap if the bedrooms are occupied or just for sitting back and watching TV or relaxing. Select an adjustable chaise lounge so that you can adjust the degree of leaning. Our indoor chaise lounges and daybeds are not only sophisticated additions to any living room, bedroom or study, they can also be customized in a variety of colors to match your decorating needs.


Custom Leather Sofas & Leather Couches 


If you want a sofa that is ultra-modern and chic then invest in a leather sofa or couch. Solid black, brown or whiskey brown are popular choices for leather sofa colors. Hong Kong leather sofas are expensive but are a good long-term investment and will be sure to last you a lifetime. Leather’s when maintained correctly age beautifully. These sofas are a good option when you’ve not used too many colors in the room and have just stuck to using 2 or 3 colors max. leather sofas and couches are great for offices too. Hong Kong leather sofas can be used in lounges, receptions, executive offices as well as break rooms. Again we welcome you to visit our showrooms to find the best furniture HK has to offer. While you're there remember to take a peek at our extensive collection of swatches. 


Footstools & Ottomans 


The Ottoman is truly one of the most functional pieces of furniture out there and even if you don’t need one you must have one. It can be used as a coffee table, a footstool, a piece of additional seating or entryway furniture or a storage bench. Ottomans and footstools are available in a number of patterns, fabrics, and colors to match the interiors of your home. It’s a great seating option for kids too and can be used indoors as well as outdoors. A cube or pouf ottoman can add a bit of character to your living room or bedroom. 


Custom Fabric Sofas & Fabric Couches 


The fabric that you choose for your sofa can really help add a personal touch to your living room or any other room. Popular fabrics for sofas in Hong Kong include cotton blend, wool blend, and woven fabrics in many different colors and patterns. Fabric sofas are easier to match with the interiors of the room too. At Decor8 Modern Furniture Hong Kong choose from a wide variety of fabric upholstery colors to create your perfect living room setting.


Finding the best furniture Hong Kong is easy - Visit the online store or showroom of Décor 8 Modern Furniture Hong Kong to select from an array of beautiful sofa sets in all types of designs, colors, patterns and fabrics. At Décor 8 you will be sure to find the sofa that you're looking for to add to your living room, bedroom or any other room of your home.