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Ottomans, Footstools & Poufs

Check out the Decor8 Modern Furniture Poufs, Ottomans and Footstools collection. A truly multi-functional furniture piece, ottomans often can be used as a pouf, footstool, coffee table, storage container or even additional seating. Because they are available in a variety of styles, colors and patterns, an ottoman, pouf or cube can also add a touch of character to your bedroom, living room or playroom design. A useful piece of furniture for every setting.

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Small Home Accessories with Big Impact
Ottomans as Multi-Functional Extra Seating, Coffee Tables, Side Tables and Stepping Stools
Ottomans and footstools can make wonderful additions to your interior. Here, you have an item that serves multiple purposes that don't put a hole in your pocket. Traditionally these items were used only as footstools but now they can be used as extra seating, coffee tables, side tables, and a stepping stool. Usage isn't limited to this either since they can be used as a great decorative accessory. Some have hollowed-out interiors which provide a great option for concealed hidden storage.
The type of material for these ottomans and footstools can vary but ultimately it will depend on the purpose you want such an item to serve. If you want something that you can rest your feet on then you may opt for fabric or leather types. Whereas wooden types would serve more as a decorative accessory that is also sturdy enough to stand on. 
Ottomans can come in all shapes and sizes but you'll never find them a lot higher that your average sofa seat height. Some can be put together to form larger units then split up to form small items which you can place around the room.



Ottomans, Footstools and Poufs


Furniture is meant to add a dash of personality to your home. Simple pieces of furniture, such as ottomans and poufs are minimal in size, yet comfortable – improving the decor of your home by leaps and bounds while not being too loud. Furniture pieces such as ottomans and poufs can be placed anywhere in your home; in the bedroom, giving you a relaxing place to sit, or in the living room, to add more seating space when you have more guests than seating arrangements in your house. Ottomans, footstools and poufs are structurally similar, but differ in size, with ottomans being considerably larger and having a storage space, while poufs and footstools are more akin to large cushions with wooden frames to support the structure. Decor8 Furniture HK gives you an exclusive range of various types of ottomans, footstools and poufs, with various types of designs and colors.


A Large Variety of Designs to Choose From


Ottomans, footstools and poufs have evolved from their simplistic design and construction into a large variety of designs and styles, suitable for the modern homes. The Ottomans were styled by the furnishing and decorative techniques of royals of the Ottoman Empire, with lower seating arrangements for greater comfort. When it was introduced into Europe, their designs became smaller, focusing on an octagonal or circular shape, with the concept of fitting in to smaller rooms in urban European homes. These designs were carried over to the New World, where they were fused with modern styles and construction, including the use of materials such as metal and leather, and inspired by artistic styles such as Art Deco or aesthetic styles such as Oriental Japanese. Decor8 Furniture HK has a huge collection of footstools that encompass both traditional styles of furniture, as well as more contemporary styles such as Japanese woodwork-based styles, leather-bound styles and modernist Scandinavian-inspired designs and so on.


Ottomans Outside the Home


Furniture like Ottomans and Poufs are perfect for a large number of settings, such as retail establishments, offices, lounges, cafes and many more. Retail establishments such as bookstores should have poufs to provide its customers a comfortable seating arrangement while they browse through books, while cafes can also benefit from such pieces of furniture, providing its clientele with a comfort zone while they are enjoying with their friends. Commercial establishments such as offices can also benefit from such pieces of furniture since they exude warmth, and provide a comfortable experience where employees and guests can sit and interact with each other in a more comfortable manner. 


At Decor8 Furniture HK we not only provide footstools, Ottomans and poufs for domestic purposes, but we also have a large selection of such furniture to decorate your retail outlet or office easily. Give us a call today.