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Meeting & Conference Furniture

Check out Decor8 Office Meeting and Conference Room Furniture. Professional, collaborative meeting and conferences rooms start with sleek office chairs and modern, open tables that stimulate conversation, thinking and learning. Modernize your workplace with the best meeting and conference room furniture in Hong Kong to make your office the best of the best.

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Meeting Room and Conference Room Furniture


The modern workplace has shifted from one that emphasized on the efficiency and productivity of its employees to the creativity and the ability to deliver out-of-the-box concepts. As a result, most of the work done in offices today require more brainstorming than direct execution of the work. In addition, modern project management techniques focus more of proper planning of the activities at hand, with the right planning helping towards perfect implementation of the required task. To create such brainstorming sessions, modern offices need meeting rooms and conference rooms, where people can discuss their ideas and share information without being disturbed by the hustle and bustle of the workspace.



Meeting Rooms and Conference Rooms


While the words are used interchangeably to define either, there is a slight difference between a meeting room and a conference room. A meeting room is a small room, usually carved out of the workplace by use of dividers such as wood paneling and glass. They are intended for smaller meetings between various employee groups, to discuss specific topics. Meeting rooms are built to accommodate not more than 6 people at once. A conference room on the other hand is a larger room that has can accommodate between 7 to 20 people at the same time. Conference rooms are also equipped with additional things such as projectors and podium, which meeting rooms usually lack.



Both meeting rooms as well as conference rooms usually have a large table at the center, with chairs all around it. Decor8 has a huge assortment of furniture that are the perfect fit for meeting rooms and conference rooms.



Furniture for Meeting Rooms and Conference Rooms


With the central table being the center of attention for these rooms, Decor8 has a huge variety of furniture for the same. For tables, there is a wide assortment of circular, oval, square and rectangular tables, with various types of finishes and colors made from some of the best materials such as high quality wood, metal, glass tops and stone tops. In addition, Decor8 provides some of the best collection of office chairs that go perfectly with the color scheme and design schema of the meeting rooms. All the furniture at Decor8 for the purposes of remodeling the office are made with a high degree of attention to detail, with excellent craftsmanship that ensure that the final product is comfortable and durable. In addition, Decor8 has a wide array of tables that provide superior cable management and shelves to store books and install projectors.