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1 Seater Sofas

1 Seater Sofas

Check out the Decor8 Modern Furniture Modern One Seater Sofa and Sofa Lounge Chair collection. Browse single seat sofa chairs, sofa lounge chairs and single seat couches in premium fabric and leather upholstery. Finding best single seat sofa or lounge chair is easy. Custom sizes available for select models.

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77 Item(s)

Set Descending Direction

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One Seater Sofas & Lounge Chiars
Relax in Style with Decor8 Fabric & Leather Lounges
One Seater Sofas and lounge chairs can provide additional seating in the room with a little-added privacy. These are great for book lovers that want to indulge in a good book without being disturbed. They can even be used as supplementary seating that will work well with your main sofa or placed in a corner. The type of materials for these one seater sofas and lounge chairs differ piece by piece. Some may have more options than others but the material you choose ultimately depends on the style of your room. Some may opt for easier to take care of materials such as leather, but others may want something softer which can be achieved with cotton and wool fabric choices. Wood legs or metal legs? This is one of the common questions that some people ask. Look at items that you have around the room or plan to put there. If you have more wood furniture pieces then go with wood legs. Metal works well for interiors with a variety of classy materials such as leather, marble, and other metallic finishes. Some lounge chairs come with a reclining feature, whilst some may include an added ottoman. Deciding whether you want an ottoman or reclining feature may depend on the amount of available space in the room.

Lounge Chairs


A comfortable seating position is a necessity, whether you want to work or relax. The lounge chair is ideal if you want a single piece of furniture that can work as your perfect companion when you need to relax and rejuvenate. Decor8 Furniture Hong Kong presents the perfect collection of lounge chairs that will not only accentuate how you want to feel when you want to relax after a hard day’s work; but also provide your room with style and panache. Lounge chairs are not only made for the home, but can also be placed at retail outlets, pubs, hospitals and offices, giving visitors a comfortable seating experience while extruding warmth and comfort for the location.


A Wide Variety of Designs


The concept of a lounge chair epitomizes comfort. They come in various styles, with designs and aesthetics that capture the essence and spirit of the room, as well as go well with other pieces of furniture. Lounge chairs can be made like a sofa, a work chair with an additional leg rest, or a deck chair. Decor8 Furniture HK provides you with a wide variety of lounge chair designs to fit your choice of aesthetics. To ensure that the lounge chair fits perfectly with other furniture in the room, Decor8 Furniture HK provides a wide variety of colors to be chosen from – walnuts and blacks for a room with classy furniture, to soft beiges and whites for a room with simplistic furniture and accessories, and even chairs with metallic finish for a room decorated in a futuristic way.


The Perfect Styling Crafted Just For You


Lounge chairs are more about enhancing the look and feel of your room. A lounge chair adds a dash of sophistication, and easily becomes the most coveted piece of furniture. Usually placed in the living room, the lounge chair is nothing short of an extension of your personality. Decor8 Furniture HK has an excellent collection of various types of Hong Kong lounge chairs for you to choose from. Our range of designer chairs are surely going to ensure that wherever they are placed, they are going to turn heads! From shell-styled chairs and Scandinavian inspired chairs for your living room, to the metallic Barcelona-styled chair for your office lobby, each and every lounge chair is crafted to perfectly match your personality. At Decor8 Modern Furniture Hong Kong, we craft these chairs with the best materials and upholstery; so you get a sturdy, stylish and functional piece of furniture at a competitive price. Talk to our experts today to get the best lounge chairs!




Sometimes you just need that one chair, for yourself. A place to relax after a hard days work, or an inviting chair at your reception hall to invite strangers. One-seater sofa’s have many stories to tell. And Decor8 presents its range of sofas that spark the imagination and fuel your creativity. Interior decorating is not an easy task, and we keep that in mind by offering one of the most extensive sofa collections in Asia and in Hong Kong. So if you are looking for a one-seater sofa to decorate your personal or commercial areas with, then we have something for you. Not just for private conveniences, our variety in sofa styles and lounge choices can have you looking for almost any sort of space, both commercial and residential. Decor8 offers the best range of leather one seat sofas, fabric one seat sofas and wood one seat sofas to meet a range of clientele needs. 


A Massive Display to Choose From


From colors, to styles, the Hong Kong furniture selection at Decor8 has something for everybody. Are you looking for Hong Kong furniture that would go perfectly in your living room? Or maybe you are looking for a quiet place to relax in your study or home office? Maybe you want the perfect sofa on sale for your Hong Kong office, or Hong Kong reception. Whatever you want, Decor8 Modern Furniture HK has something for you. Keeping in mind the latest furniture trends and fashion, the Decor8 Modern Furniture HK range is a complete one stop shop for all your sofa needs whether you are looking for a sofa on sale or you are looking for an easy place to customise your sofa under a months time. From white to black, fabric to leather – we definitely have something you can select for your ideal sofa needs. 


Both Comfort and Style


The most important thing that a Sofa needs in order to fulfill its purpose, is to be a comfortable place to sit on. It does not matter if a sofa or couch looks good, if it does not feel good to sit on, then there is not much point to it. The Sofa and Couch collection at Decor8 Modern Furniture HK has been constructed keeping in mind that you would need an ideal match with comfort to ensure that you have paid the ideal price for the ideal product.


A feast not just for the eyes


With the Sofas, Love Seats, L-Shaped Sofas, Sofabeds and Lounge Chairs at Decor8 you enjoy an experience that lets your body relax and puts your mind at ease. Carefully made to ensure that comfort meets quality, any of the Sofas and Couches from this range will help you to feel relaxed, as you nestle into its comfortable depths. So enjoy a new experience with your new sofa and thrive with what you discover!