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Online Shopping in Hong Kong, The Guide to Furniture Shopping Online in Hong Kong

Shopping Online in Hong Kong - The Easiest Way to Shop in HK


Shopping online for furniture globally has never been easier with Decor8's innovative online shopping platform that meets the demand of residential clients, interior designers, architects, contractors and businesses small to large. The Decor8 Online Shopping platform is met with our brick-and-mortar furniture shops to allow our diverse clientele to experience and test out our furniture collections with ease. Choose from an abundance of furniture styles, colors and sizes and discover how you can use our hybrid online shopping platform and physical furniture showrooms to meet and exceed your home design, office design or commercial project goals.



Online Shopping in Hong Kong

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Online Shopping in Hong Kong is now a way of life for Hong Kong people. According to a recent MasterCard survey, Hong Kong people, or "Hongkongers", love shopping online using their computers and mobile phones, without having the need to leave their homes. A majority of Hongkongers have made at least one purchase in the last three months, and plan to shop online in the next six months. Unsurprisingly, the late 20's to early 30's age group of Hongkongers do the most online shopping in Hong Kong. Online spending categories include clothing and accessories, airlines and travel, and also home appliances and electronic products. With the latest advancements in credit card processing technology by Paypal, it is very easy and safe to pay for something online with credit cards, such as American Express, Visa and MasterCard. 



Furniture Shopping Online in Hong Kong

Decor8 Furniture Shopping Online in Hong Kong


Even though it is already very convenient to walk around the local neighborhood to find daily supplies such as groceries and medicines, Hong Kong people still find it annoying to shop outside their homes. Imagine the crowded streets, polluted air, humid weather, noise, and tourists... Without enough research or any idea on where to go and what to buy, shopping in Hong Kong aimlessly is not a pleasant experience.


Hong Kong people also find it very hard to find what they need when it comes to larger sized items, such as furniture. High rental costs in Hong Kong result in small store fronts that are unsuitable for displaying furniture, especially tables and sofas. Decor8 Furniture Outlet, a leading pioneer of e-commerce in Hong Kong, offers an innovative solution to furniture shopping in Hong Kong. Decor8 Modern Furniture Outlet online website features over thousands of modern design furniture products, such as sofas, designer chair, dining table, lamps, lighting, decor and a wide variety of home furnishings. This online catalog of factory-direct furniture solves a lot of problems - Hongkongers can now stay at home, sit in their air-conditioned flat while reviewing the latest modern design furniture products that are available on



The Future of Online Shopping in Hong Kong

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With the increasing amount of "online retailiers" in Hong Kong, it is difficult to distinguish between reputable retailers that offer true quality and smaller online entities without any goods for preview. In this day and age when everything is more digital and easily reproduced, it is not surprising to see some online retailers offering the "same" products, as well as having ridiculously low prices and guaranteeing unreasonable lead times. In this jungle of online stores in Hong Kong, the future of online shopping in Hong Kong is the coherent fusion of online shopping interface and offline brick-and-mortar physical presence. Decor8 Furniture operates successfully in both realms. Decor8 Furniture Outlet Online serves as a full product retail catalog that is supplemented by their furniture stores where shoppers can feel the quality, design, and actual size of the goods prior to purchase.


The future of online shopping not only depends on the quantity and availablity of goods that are on the website, but also the ability for the consumer to have something more tailored to their needs. The ability to custom a product adds an extra dimension to shopping online. Decor8 Furniture Hong Kong strives to deliver a unique shopping experience for all by offering custom furniture design services. Custom made furniture such as custom made sofas that are tailor made to measure, and bespoke furniture pieces such as custom wood furniture are available at Decor8 Furniture Outlet. For more information on custom furniture in Hong Kong, please visit the Decor8 Custom Furniture page to explore the creative possibilities of custom furniture design in Hong Kong.



About Decor8 Furniture Outlet Hong Kong

Decor8 Furniture Outlet Hong Kong


Decor8 Furniture is a leading pioneer of furniture shopping online in Hong Kong. Their online product catalog at is the go-to source for factory-direct modern design furniture, sofas, office furniture, lamps, lighting, home furnishings and more. Wide range of styles available including modern design classics furniture, contemporary style furniture, American and French vintage industrial style furniture, loft style furniture, modern oriental design furniture, minimalist furniture, British colonial style furniture and more. Custom furniture design options available. Showrooms available in Mong Kok and Wan Chai. Quality guarantee, shop safely and securely at Decor8 Modern Furniture Outlet Online, Voted best furniture store in Hong Kong by Squarefoot Magazine HK.