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Illuminate your space with modern lighting

Shop designer lighting at Decor8 Furniture Modern Lighting Hong Kong. Best selection of modern design lights, designer lamps, table lamps, ceiling pendant lighting, floor lamps. Modern Design Classics, Scandinavian, European, Japanese and Industrial Vintage lighting on sale here. Add new warmth to your space with retro and modern lighting. Create ambience with a modern chandelier or amp up your work area with a retro task light. Browse our extensive collection of chandeliers, ceiling lights, pendant lamps, floor lamps, desk lamps and table lamps.


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Lighting Hong Kong


The perfect way to amp up the ambiance of any room is by presenting the right lighting choices. From colors to shades, the kind of light you choose for a room can make all the difference. Decor8 Furniture Hong Kong presents its wide range of lighting choices to help you select something that suits just what you need. Whether you want to decorate your home, or a retail outlet, or even a Café, we have everything you need all in one place. Also, if you want to decorate to suit a theme or design concept, Decor8 Furniture Hong Kong presents an extensive lighting collection to complete your design goals.


Lighting types are boundless and are not limited to chandeliers, pendants or ceiling lights. Decor8 Modern Furniture Hong Kong hosts a wide range of lighting and lamps that allow you to make creative choices for your interior based on your tastes, budgets or design concepts. Choose between various kinds of fixtures: From ceiling lamps to fancy chandeliers, functional sconces to wall lamps, we have everything you need to brighten up your room. And if you want to add an extra bit of personality to your room, then look through our accessories like our creative and unique filament bulbs. Our collection presents everything you need to create a room that suits your tastes and pleases everyone who views it.


Modern Ceiling Lights, Pendants and Chandeliers


A ceiling light hanging decoratively from the top can often present a pleasant choice in setting the mood for a place. From contemporary lights to industrial fixtures, the selection at Decor8 gives you the freedom to choose from various styles and finishes to create the perfect lighting mood. Perfect for high ceilings, or rooms set in a more professional setting, even everyday rooms can look more fashionable with these fixtures.


Choose from various colors, themes and styles to find something that gives your room that extra edge and give it a personality all of its own. Walking under one of these lights as they warmly present their colors, ceiling fixtures present the opportunity to give a room a vibrant personality by adding style and grace. Pick from our selected designs, from more traditional fixtures to those that are more edgy and watch your room turn into a haven of pictorial delight. Hang these fixtures above your dining table to create a harmonious landscape for dining with your beloved guests and family, or place a pendant in your living room space to create a warm glow for evenings at home. 


Modern Floor Lamps


Often found tucked away in the corner of a room, floor lamps add a touch of grace and style to any room. Decor8 presents its collection – stemming from traditional and simple designs all the way to more exquisite ones, we have just the thing to add to create that perfect dream room. Choose from our wide range of lighting to find something that not only reflects your personality, but your room’s design concept as well. Decor8 Modern Furniture and Lighting Hong Kong presents a vast collection, where you can find everything for both personal and professional settings. And if you fancy something beautiful for either, we have just the right range for you to find it in.


Sometimes overlooked, a floor lamp adds elegance, beauty and even a touch of drama that can make any room stand out – and not just because of how bright it is. Our edgier designs can draw in the eye and make it experience pleasure as it basks under the splash of light in the room. So look through our collections, and pick something today!


Modern Table Lamps and Desk Lamps


A table lamp or a desk lamp is often seen as something utilitarian, but it does not have to be just that. A table lamp, used usually to create a brighter workspace in any environment, it can also add personality and color to any room. Pick from the collection at Decor8 Furniture and Lighting Hong Kong to find something that suits your everyday needs. If you want a simple lamp to simplify the darkness in the corners of your rooms, or to add to your work table, we have that for you. If you want something edgier that adds a personal touch, we have that as well! The collection at Decor8 Furniture and Lighting Hong Kong spares no expense in giving you the ideal selection to one stop and shop for your lighting needs!


Table lamps or desk lamps are not restricted to work places or home offices and can be placed decoratively as well. Add an elegant lamp atop a small side table or stool or night to instantly add style to any room. And not just that, these lamps also make for perfect bedside table companions. An avid reader, or someone who likes to work from their bed? Place a table lamp next to you and switch it off once your need is done, and you are set! Decor8 Furniture and Lighting Hong Kong gives you the perfect collection to beautify your room while setting a tone that is essentially you.


Modern Wall Lights and Sconces


Wall lights can brighten up any room, and not just with its light. Adding vibrant colors to edgy designs, these lights make for an apt selection for a variety of rooms. Usually bought as a set, even one of these lights can make your walls look livelier, and add a touch of your personality. Choose from our range of designs to find something that makes you feel as if it is meant for you. Place these lights at strategic locations in your room to create direct or ambient light or use them exclusively to lighten up a place to give any room a modern, edgy appeal.


Light Bulbs and Lighting Accessories


A light fixture does not depend on the outside shell alone. A blend of the perfect light sources and the perfect design to embody it gives any room the chance to set the perfect ambiance. Our wide range at Decor8 Furniture and Lighting Hong Kong gives you the exclusive right to pick both the outside and the light source of your light fixture. Not only does it create something that is essentially suited to your needs, it lets you select something that matches your style and personality.


Our range of bulbs and accessories has everything you need to brighten up your room, from ceiling fixtures to basic bulbs. Look through our range to find just the right pick for your room – available in different styles and lighting variances, these bulbs are meant to stand out. So peruse through our lighting collection today, mix and match with the kind of light source you want, and you have a one stop shop for all your lighting needs!