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Ottomans & Footstools

Ottomans & Footstools

Check out the Decor8 Modern Furniture Ottomans and Footstools collection. A truly functional furniture piece, ottomans often can be used as a footstool, coffee table, storage bench, entryway furniture or additional seating. Decor8 Ottomans and Footstools are available in a variety of styles, colors and patterns. A pouf or cube can also add a touch of character to your bedroom, living room or playroom design. A useful, functional piece of furniture for every interior setting. Select from a variety of premium fabric ottomans or leather ottomans. Custom sizes available for select ottoman models.

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Ottomans and Foot Stools


Ottomans and foot stools can make a good accompaniment for any room. Small, unobtrusive, yet pleasing to the eyes, the addition of an ottoman or a foot stool in your room can make for a pleasing interior decorating experience. Most of the Ottomans and foot stools at Decor8 Furniture Hong Kong have the ability to serve as storage spaces as well, thereby making them a good multifunctional piece of furniture. You cannot go wrong with one of these, and they will test your artistic boundaries as well. Easily usable as coffee tables or even side tables for bedrooms – these Ottomans and foot stools have a wide range of uses. 


Available in a Variety of Ottoman Styles


At Decor8 Furniture Hong Kong, you can choose from a wide range of ottomans or footstools in a range of sizes, shapes and colors to suit your interior design style in HK. Not just used in personal homes, these Hong Kong ottomans and foot stools can be used in commercial and industrial settings as well. Place a foot stool in your office room or study, and have a nice, comfortable place to rest your foot on as you work. Ottomans are also great to extra seating. Choose from a wide range of colors and choices to find the perfect ottoman and foot stool for you. For select models, these ottomans are also usable as storage units as well – you can store anything from books to papers here, and everything will be safe where you kept it.


Multifunctional Furniture


These days, a piece of furniture often comes with a wide variety of features. Just being comfortable and looking good is often not enough. Why buy something if you do not have any use for it? If that is how you feel about ottomans and foot stools, then the selection at Decor8 is sure to change your mind. Most of the Ottomans and foot stools in this selection double as storage units as well. Not only that, but you can use them as you feel fit. They can serve as a place to rest your feet, or they can serve as a place to serve coffee. You can even place one in a corner of your room as an added artistic touch. You can store items in them as well, making for a nifty storage location right next to your feet.


Quality Furniture that Looks Good


It is not enough for the range at Decor8 Furniture Hong Kong  to simply look good and be multifunctional – they have to feel good as well. Sparing not even comfort, nestle your feet on to your footstool and feel it well rested. Come and browse through the ottoman and footstool selection at Decor8 Furniture Hong Kong for the perfect foot stool or ottoman today!


Small Home Accessories with Big Impact
Ottomans as Multi-Functional Extra Seating, Coffee Tables, Side Tables and Stepping Stools
Ottomans and footstools can make wonderful additions to your interior. Here, you have an item that serves multiple purposes that don't put a hole in your pocket. Traditionally these items were used only as footstools but now they can be used as extra seating, coffee tables, side tables, and a stepping stool. Usage isn't limited to this either since they can be used as a great decorative accessory. Some have hollowed-out interiors which provide a great option for concealed hidden storage.
The type of material for these ottomans and footstools can vary but ultimately it will depend on the purpose you want such an item to serve. If you want something that you can rest your feet on then you may opt for fabric or leather types. Whereas wooden types would serve more as a decorative accessory that is also sturdy enough to stand on. 
Ottomans can come in all shapes and sizes but you'll never find them a lot higher that your average sofa seat height. Some can be put together to form larger units then split up to form small items which you can place around the room.