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Designer Seating - Modern designer chairs for Hong Kong interior design.

Shop new designer seating at Decor8 Furniture Hong Kong modern designer seating collection - the best collection of modern designer chairs, dining chairs and benches, office & work chairs, bar stools & low stools, side chairs, lounge chairs, sofas, ottomans, benches, multi-functional chairs and outdoor seating, at cheap, affordable, wholesale outlet prices. Modern, contemporary, vintage, industrial, Scandinavian, Japanese and mid-century designer classic styles available.

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Seating & Chairs Hong Kong


Not everyone is a pro at picking furniture for their home or office space. There are multiple factors to consider when deciding on the type of furniture to be placed in different parts of your home/office. Seating might be among the most confusing areas to deal with when it comes to furniture selection. While there are a plethora of modern designer chairs available in the market, you need to have a sense of what works best for your individual space, whether residential or commercial.


Here are some useful tips for buying different kinds of seating for your home and/or office:




A sofa is among the most used pieces of furniture in a home. So you need to be careful in analyzing which style best fits your needs.


The first step in selecting a sofa is establishing how the sofa will be used and by whom. The second consideration is the space. Today, there are so many varieties of sofas available, you can find one that is a perfect match for your individual space at Decor8. For instance, buying a huge sofa might not be the best idea if you live in a small-sized apartment or if you already have too much furniture in your living room. However the living room is the central hearth of your home, a place that should be carefully designed. That’s why Decor8 sofas are so great because many of them can be customized in either size or color to suit your needs. 


When browsing through fabrics, remember to keep your existing décor in mind. It should complement the furnishings that are already a part of your living/dining room. Also, have a sense of whether you want a darker or lighter fabric. This will depend on whether you have kids or pets that could potentially spill food, drinks, inks, color, and so on, on the sofa. 


Dining chairs


Dining room chairs should be stylish yet comfortable. They aren’t just functional chairs, but also work as a kind of ornamentation for your dining/living room. You spend plenty of time with your family and friends sharing meals and conversations at the dining table.


Dining chairs can serve several different purposes depending on the specific needs of a household. Formal dining/living rooms usually require formal seating. For example, modern design chairs, leather upholstered chairs, Napoleon French chairs, solid wood chairs in rich fabrics, and so on. On the other hand, if the dining area is informal or part of the kitchen, you can easily pick something casual like light wood or plywood chairs or club chairs. Remember to choose something that is comfortable and yet still complements your dining setting.


Office chairs


One of the most important factors to consider when buying office chairs is ‘comfort’. After all, you and your staff spend a considerable number of hours sitting in those chairs all day long. An office chair should have the flexibility to accommodate every individual, irrespective of their shape or size. It should also support a comfortable body posture and be suitable for your workstation, particularly the desk/table height and the equipment layout. Our ergonomic mesh office chairs are becoming extremely popular in modern day work settings as they help support the body posture and prevent aches and pain associated with long hours of sitting.




There is nothing more relaxing than slipping into a comfortable armchair after a long day at work. The fabric of the armchair plays a significant impact on its longevity. Therefore, you should select a fabric that suits your individual lifestyle if you select an armchair with upholstery. For instance, if you don’t have pets in your house, you can easily pick a plush velvet fabric to add richness to your living space. Also, check out the height and depth of the armchair to make sure that it is comfortable for long hours of sitting.


Lounge chairs


Lounge chairs are generally larger in size when compared to dining or office chairs. They typically feature an optional or included footrest and a headrest for maximum comfort. Some of the most common materials that are used for making lounge chairs include leather, steel, and wood. A lounge chair can be placed in any part of your home or office- living room, library, patio, garden, poolside or bedroom. These extremely comfortable chairs are also often found in recreational rooms in offices and commercial buildings. 


Ottomans and footstools


An ottoman can be described as a versatile and comfortable foot stool that can add both style and convenience to your bedroom or living room. Ottomans are a type of low seating and are available in a large variety of functional designs. The majority of them can be used as an additional multifunctional table space or footstool placed near the bed. Some ottomans also come with storage facilities where you can keep extra throws, toys, remote controls, and so on. Ottomans come in a variety of different shapes and sizes, including rectangular, square and round.


Bar stools


Bar stools serve as a stylish and comfortable seating option for a casual dining space. Bar stools are raised stools and work extremely well with counters, higher dining areas or pub tables. It is important to measure the height of your counter/table when selecting a bar stool. These are the perfect addition to a modern home, especially if you like to host parties and entertain guests frequently.


Outdoor seating


You can make your outdoor space, whether a patio or a garden, a comfortable and functional area by adding the right outdoor furniture. Some of the classic picks for trendy outdoor seating include plastic chairs and sofas, benches, chaise sun loungers, aluminum dining sets and many others. When picking outdoor furniture, think about whether you would prefer movable furniture or stationary furniture.