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Metal Dining Chairs

Metal Dining Chairs are contemporary dining room solutions that are both sleek and minimal. Select from a variety of metal chairs that are finished in matte aluminums, sparkling chromes, matte blacks and more. Metal chairs are practical for modern Hong Kong interior designs. Available in a wide variety of colours and finishes, such as gold, brass, chrome, silver, rose gold, copper and more - all available at Decor8 Furniture Hong Kong metal chair outlet HK. 

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37-72 of 80

Set Descending Direction

37-72 of 80


Metal Dining Chairs


Metal is fast becoming the preferred choice of furniture material among modern homeowners and flat renters. There is no denying the fact that metal furniture looks sleek and trendy. It works extremely well in complementing contemporary-style home décor.


A great combination of form and functionality


Besides looking chic, metal has several other advantages over other materials. It is a lot more durable and can last for several years if maintained correctly. It is less fragile when compared to other commonly used furniture materials like plastic and doesn’t undergo quick wear and tear. This is why metal dining chairs are an excellent option for your dining space, restaurant, eatery, or canteen.


Commercial use of metal chairs


It is easy to standardize painted metal surfaces for all kinds of color schemes. They can be painted in neutral tones or bright, funky tones, depending on your existing dining room/restaurant décor. Our cafe industrial loft series can be made in a wide variety of fun bright colors, while our DKR series are available in a sleek, contemporary finishes like black, white or chrome. The durability and versatility of metal chairs make them a very popular choice of seating in restaurants. Busy eating areas require sturdy and easy-to-clean furniture. And metal is the perfect fit since metal chairs can resist punctures, spillage and other kinds of damages.


Select metal chairs for outdoor environments


Metal is quite durable and weather-resistant. You could easily use a selection of our metal chairs out in the open (in covered gardens, patios, poolsides) at any time pending there are no typhoons or rainstorms out. If you like doing barbecues and eating your meals in your back garden, metal dining chairs are a great option for you. Please make sure when you select the metal chairs they are indicated for outdoor usage prior to purchase, as not all metal chairs are sealed for outdoor usage.


A great variety of styles


Different types of metals such as iron, stainless steel, and aluminium are used for making metal furniture. Aluminium is a popular choice for metal dining chairs. It is both light in weight and corrosion resistant.


Modern day metal dining chairs are available in a variety of different styles such as wood-top metal chairs, fabric upholstered metal chairs, leather metal armchairs, and so on. You can easily select a style that best meets your needs and comfort. Metal dining chairs are also easier to clean and can tolerate post-control chemicals better as compared to other materials owing to its minimally absorbent surface.