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Wood Furniture


Functional and stylish modern wood furniture

Create a warm ambiance in your interior with stunning wood furniture pieces made from premium solid white oak, ash, beech, plywood, elm and more. Shop the best wood furniture Hong Kong, wooden furniture, solid wood furniture, eco sustainable furniture sale at Decor8 Furniture Outlet Hong Kong. Shop wood chairs, wood tables, wood beds, wood cabinets, wood shelving and storage. Expect high quality furniture, custom designs available. Browse Decor8 modern wood dining chairs, bar stools, stools, benches, side chairs, dining tables, work tables, conference tables, coffee tables, side tables, console tables, cabinets and shelving.

Browse our popular modern design wood furniture categories below:


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Solid Wood Furniture


Whether you're looking for solid wooden chairs, tables, dining room and living room tables, stools, bar chairs and bar stools and tables, wooden beds, cots and cupboards and wooden dressing tables or any other kind of wooden furniture we at Décor8 will surely have it all for you. Décor8 is the leading outlet for furniture Hong Kong and you can shop online on our easy-to-use website or come down to our exclusive showrooms to browse through our elegant and stylish, one of a kind wooden furniture. Depending on the design and style of your home décor and the type of furnishing that you have used, we at Décor8 will be able to help you select the best solid wooden furniture for your home. 




Select from Our Range of Wood Furniture to Add Style and Class to Your Home


We have all types of wooden furniture down at Décor8 – the largest and best home furnishing store in Hong Kong. Select and buy the highest and best quality of wooden furniture made from 100 percent premium solid oak, elm and walnut wood with amazing finishes that will be sure to last you a lifetime. Our solid wood furniture has no veneers and is made only from the highest grade of elm and oak wood. We have timeless and all natural solid wood tables, chairs, and dressing tables as well as cabinets to match the rest of the furniture in your home. Whether you're looking for light or dark colored wood we have it all at our exclusive outlets in Hong Kong modern home furnishing choices. 




Select from Our Diverse Range of Finishes, Designs, And Styles


We have wooden drawers, side tables, dressing tables, chairs, sofas, beds, tables, dining tables, chest of drawers, cabinets, cupboards, and much more in a number of colors, styles, finishes and designs. If you are unclear or confused about the type of wooden furniture to select for your home our expert, knowledgeable and friendly staff at Décor8 will be happy to help you add design, class, and elegance to your home and select the perfect pieces of wooden furniture for your home. We have wooden accessories and décor furniture too to add as decorative pieces to your home. Our premium solid wooden round, square and rectangle tables will be sure to add immense style, class, and elegance to your home. 





Wood Furniture HK


Come to Décor8 Hong Kong’s number 1 home furnishing store where you will be sure to find the most stylish, exquisite and functional wooden furniture for your home. Here you will find a wide range of wooden furniture and some stunning pieces in high premium quality wood like oak, beech, plywood, elm, ash and other kinds of wood. 


At Décor8 Modern Furniture Hong Kong we carry solid wood furniture that is finely crafted, eco-friendly and sustainable. You can find wooden chairs, tables, cabinets and beds, wooden storage and shelving. You can expect to find the best quality wooden furniture, some of which can be customized in bespoke sizes. Browse through our wood furniture collection of wooden dining chairs, regular stools and bar stools, side chairs and benches, dining tables and side chairs, conference tables, work tables, coffee tables, side tables, cabinets, shelving and console tables.


Modern Wood Chairs and Wood Stools HK


Select from our modern selection of wooden chairs, regular stools, and bar stools. At Décor8 Furniture Hong Kong modern wood furniture collection you will find the best in dining room wood chairs, dining benches in wood, wooden stools and wooden lounge chairs that will add a lot of value to your home interiors. Add some class and warmth to your living room and dining room with our wooden lounge chairs and sofas, our dining chairs and benches. Our wood furniture is made from premium solid woods including elm wood and oak wood.


Modern Wood Tables and Wood Desks HK


Find the best in wooden tables and wooden desks at our furniture stores in Hong Kong. At our Mong Kok Furniture Showroom and Wanchai Furniture Showrooms you can find an eclectic and diverse stockroom of furniture styles that will suit your taste and budget. Here you will find the best collection of wood desks, dining tables, hardwood tables, oak tables in solid wood perfect for finishing up your office work and college assignments. Bring good old mother nature into your home and office with our wooden dining tables, bar tables, console tables, side tables and coffee tables.  We offer our tables and desks in solid wood and good finishes in oak, walnut, and elm. 


Wooden Coffee Tables and Side Tables HK


Add one of our exquisite wood coffee tables or side tables finished in walnut, oak, black or white to your living room, bedroom or dining room and improve the décor and lounge space. We have a wide selection of wooden coffee tables and side tables for you to choose from to improve your living room and dining room space. Enjoy your morning cup of coffee with our one-of-a-kind wooden coffee tables and side tables. 


Wooden Console Tables and Sideboards HK


Shop online or at our Wanchai Showrooms or Mong Kok Showrooms to find a great range of stock to finesse our fit out your home or office. From our wide selection of console tables, sideboards, and small tables. These tables are perfect for the living room to place small lampshades on or to place against the dining room wall or entryway. They can also be plain decorative pieces for the living room, dining room or entryway. They are great for stocking decorative items, bags, phones and your keys. They can also be used as informal bar tables and dining tables. Our modern console tables are small, simple and highly functional. 


Wooden Sofas and Benches HK


Choose from our ultra-modern selection of wooden benches and sofas, sofa lounge chairs. Our wooden sofas, benches and indoor and outdoor lounge chairs are made only from the best quality of wood that includes oak, elm, and walnut including solid oak wood. Make your home comfortable, stylish and modern with the best selection of designer wooden furniture at Décor8 Furniture HK.


Modern HK Wooden Storage Units


Choose from our wide selection of small and big wood storage unit including closets, cupboards, and cabinets of all shapes, sizes, and styles that will suit any room of your house to stock all your belongings. At Décor8 we offer our customers the most elegant and best quality of wooden shoe cabinets, storage cabinets, wooden shelving units and wooden TV cabinets, credenzas, and consoles to stock your electronic items stylishly and safely. Our modern wood storage units, cabinets, credenzas, consoles, shelving units, shoe cabinets etc. are made from fine quality woods such as elm and oak. 


Modern Wooden Beds HK 


Browse our selection of high-quality wooden furniture in a variety of sizes and designs made from the best quality of wood – fine oak and elm. Our beds come in king, queen, and other sizes too and are perfect for modern and contemporary hotel rooms and bedrooms for your home. Have a good night’s sleep every night by purchasing a bed from our exquisite range of modern wood beds made from premium quality wood. Our beds are not only elegant but very sturdy, durable and long lasting. Some of our fabric upholstered beds can also be customized in a fine range of premium fabrics. Our fabric upholstered beds included fabric covers that are easy to maintain. Simply remove the removable cover and have it dry cleaned. Additional fabric covers can be purchased to spruce up your bedroom by season or when you are having your removeable cover dry cleaned. 


Modern Wood Décor HK 


Wooden decorations are becoming quite popular in homes and offices nowadays. They don’t break or chip if they fall and are unique and long lasting and bring a nostalgic feeling of the past into your home. Glass, ceramic and other materials can break easily and are just a waste of money. Wood décor and accents can add a warm touch to your home and thoughtful pieces include wooden wall and table clocks, creative wooden storage units and solid oak coat stands and rack. These can help improve the décor of your home drastically and add some warmth to your space. Modern wood décor and accessories can help you if you’re doing large-scale work in your home like renovating or remodeling. Even if you are looking to just add a touch of creativity and style to your home décor then wooden décor and accessories are perfect for you. 


Modern Wooden Bar Chairs and Wooden Bar Stools HK


Don’t go to the bar but bring the bar to your house with our wide selection of modern, classy and contemporary wood bar chairs and bar stools made from the best premium quality wood – finished in oak, elm, black, white or walnut. The wooden bar chair collection at Décor8 Furniture HK combines solid wooden designs and bar stools to mix a variety of materials to create a wide range of furniture options for you. At Décor8 Furniture HK you will be sure to find something nice to suit your home design and style. Add wood bar chairs to your kitchen counters – high and low to spice it up.