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Smart and modern designer storage, high quality and elegant organization solutions for Hong Kong interiors.

Clear away your clutter and organize your interior with chic and modern storage solutions. Shop cabinets, drawers, shelving, designer storage at Decor8 Furniture Hong Kong Storage and Organization Furniture collection. Best storage cabinets, solid wood cabinets, TV cabinets, designer dressers and chests, bookcases, wardrobes, sideboards, multi-functional storage furniture on sale at outlet prices. Browse our extensive collection of cabinets and drawers, shelving systems, storage units, tv cabinets, multi-functional storage units, coat racks and stands.

Browse our popular modern design storage categories below:


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Smart Storage Hong Kong  


At Décor8 Modern Furniture Hong Kong we make sure to provide you with the best home furniture from sofas to beds to tables and storage furniture pieces. Storage is a major problem in most flats and houses in Hong Kong - with HK’s increasing lack of space and Hong Kong’s decreasing flat sizes, its no wonder why we need smarter storage ideas to keep our homes decluttered and organized. 


Find all your furniture storage needs at Hong Kong’s no. 1 furniture store Décor 8. We provide you with modern and smart home solutions for your storage needs including high quality and contemporary furniture designs for your organizational problems. Clearing away your clutter and organizing the interiors of your home have never been easier. Here are some of our popular categories for storage furniture HK below.


Entryway storage options and shoe cabinets 


Décor8 Modern Furniture Hong Kong offers a wide range of entryway benches with storage drawers, entryway sideboards, wooden shoe cabinets, and coat stands all of which can be placed in the entryway or foyer of your flat or home for easy and convenient storage. Decor8 shoe stands and shoe storage cabinets come in a variety of shapes and sizes and are multifunctional units which can store your shoes vertically and horizontally. 


Drawers, cabinets and storage units 


Select from our wide range of kitchen cabinets, bedside storage units, cupboards, wood cabinets, sideboards, media units, shoe cabinets, and other modern furniture storage designs. These furniture units are perfect for storing all your trinkets, from clothes to magazines. Find modern and contemporary drawers, cabinets and storage units at Décor 8 in many designs, styles, finishes and materials. 


Buffets and sideboards 


Keep these stylish storage units in your dining room, kitchen, living room, entrances, behind your sofa, or drawing room to add style to your interiors. These units are great for entertaining your dinner guests, serving food, displaying your favorite collectibles, items and family photographs. Credenzas and sideboards can serve different purposes in your home design or even a commercial project. 


TV cabinets and media storage units 


Shop from our exclusive and modern selection of TV consoles, TV cabinets, TV credenzas, sideboards and media units. Most of our TV cabinets come in solid woods made of premium quality like elm and solid oak. Store your smart TV’s, LED TV, or 3d TV in the living room, dining room or bedroom. Our range of tv cabinets come in various sizes offering different degrees of storage. Both spacious and aesthetically appealing, Decor8 TV cabinets and media storage units are perfect for creating a modern home in Hong Kong. They will protect your electronics too while providing neat and compact storage spaces for them in your room. 


Stands and coat racks 


Select from our range of modern coat stands and coat racks, wall hooks and hangers. These are very functional furniture pieces with great storage capacity and are perfect for storing clothes, jewelry, and coats. Free up floor space by using a coat rack while doubling up as a fashionable home accessory. These storage items will help keep your home organized, help us in our everyday lives and help avoid unnecessary mess and clutter. We offer them in different styles, colors, designs and finishes. 


Modern shelving 


Do away with ordinary boring shelves and come select from our array of creative modern open shelves, wall shelves, shelving units, designer shelves, bookshelves, solid wood shelves and other kinds of shelving units and furniture in modern designs. Stack your magazines, books, CD’s and DVDs and other personal favorites like vases, wines, spirits or photo frames. Modern shelving looks great as interior decoration and is great for stacking vases, candlesticks, and other artifacts and valuables that are close to you. Family photographs are also good decorative items on modern shelves. We have many designs for you to choose from in our modern shelving choices. 


Dressers and Chests shop from our wide variety of chests, chest drawers, and dressers, bedroom cabinets including modern design drawers, chest and dressers and all other types of bedroom storage units. These furniture units add great décor to your home interiors and have maximum storage capacity. Choose from our wide selection of dressers and chests for the bedrooms, storage cabinets and all other cabinetry furniture that come in the best quality of solid woods like oak and elm. 


Multi-functional storage – At Décor8 Modern Furniture Hong Kong you will find a wide array of multifunctional storage units and furniture that help you save space in your house and provide maximum storage space at the same time. We offer a large collection of storage units for the different rooms of your house including the living room, bedroom, dining room, family room, guest room, children’s room, breakfast room, home office, maid room and other rooms. 


Mini storage and containers – we offer small but efficient storage units that are decorative and functional at the same time. They will not only brighten up the room but will provide needed storage space for your smaller items. These mini storage units are perfect for your home office, office or bedroom to keep you space clutter free. You can store your bills, paperwork, keys, stationery, make-up, perfume and more without creating any clutter or a mess. 


Wardrobes, large storage units, and closets – we all need a lot of storage space for our clothes and other knick knacks. Wardrobes are multi-functional in that they can house all our belongings that we’ve managed to treasure up over our lives. Keeping these items safe and stored away properly make a huge difference in the overall presentation of your home by keeping your space clear and clutter free. Décor 8 offers you a wide collection of large storage units, closets, cupboards and wardrobes to choose from. All are made from the best quality premium wood like oak or elm with the best style and craftsmanship. You will be sure to find the perfect large storage unit for your room size at Décor8 Modern Furniture and Home Storage HK. 


Console storage units and side cabinets


Console storage furniture is placed against your living room or dining room walls or the entryway and can be used to store media items and other everyday items to stage your dream home. Consoles can display your favourite photo frames or you can hang your prized artwork hung centered and above your console. They also act as the perfect pedestals for keeping decorative items, small artifacts, floral arrangements, lampshades, etc. You can also use these tables to keep your phones, bags, and keys. The console storage units and side cabinets at Décor 8 Modern Furniture and Home Decor Hong Kong are modern, beautifully designed, functional and offered in a wide range of styles, designs, finishes, and materials, wooden being the most popular choice. 


Bookshelves and bookcases 


Select from our range of small and big oak and elm bookshelves to stock your books whether it's for your home or office. While physical books are slowly dissipating from our everyday lives and being replaced by Amazon Kindles, smart phones, iPhones, tablets and IPads, bookshelves are still prized storage solutions for your living room, home office or dining room. Showcase your favourite reads from the past or present or display beautiful coffee table books to stage your perfect space. If you don’t have a large book collection, no worries, bookshelves and bookcases are perfect for displaying almost anything - some popular ideas include displaying your favourite wine glasses, spirits, wines, showcasing your favourite mementos, or as a dock for your bluetooth speakers and mp3 player.