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Office Lounge & Reception Furniture

Check out Decor8 Office Lounge and Reception Furniture. The main entry point of your workplace, whether open or closed to the public is the main area to treat with emphasis. Create a great first impression with your valuable clients and staff with modern sofas, lounge chairs, side tables and coffee tables that will set your office up for ultimate success.

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Office Lounge and Reception Furniture


An office is the physical representation of what an organization stands for, especially to the outside world. One of the most important locations within the office is the lounge and reception area. The lounge is similar to the living room in a house - it is the first location that a visitor sees when they enter the office. The way an office decorates the lounge represents the work culture of the entire organization. With more and more organizations moving from an extremely formal setting to a semi-formal and open work culture atmosphere, modern office lounges represent this shift as well, and the type and placement of furniture plays an important role. To dole out your office lounge and reception area, Decor8 has a large assortment of furniture Hong Kong, allowing you to customize the look of your office entrance area to your heart’s content.



A Waiting Area for Guests


The office lounge serves a very important function - it is the waiting area for guests. As a result, the lounge should be made as comfortable as possible; while providing a glimpse of the organization’s past, its mission, and the way forward. The lounge is the first impression of your organization to your guests, whether it is a business meeting with investors, or a client meeting to finalize a sales deal. To achieve this effect; sofas, lounge chairs and coffee tables are some of the most common pieces of furniture that are placed in the lobby and the reception area. To suit the styling and atmosphere of your office, Decor8 provides you with a wide variety of furniture including lounge chairs, sofas, coffee tables, magazine stands, bookcases and other furniture that can spice up the office lounge.



To suit the decor of your office lobby and lounge, a wide variety of designs are available at Decor8, including European-inspired sleek metallic chairs, glass and stainless steel side tables, retro-styled armchairs and fabric lounge chairs; as well as classic leather sofas. In addition to seating arrangements, the wide range of side tables and coffee tables from Decor8 can add a dash of style to your office reception area. From marble-top coffee tables, to glass-top side tables, the wide range of furniture lets you pick and choose the best pieces to accentuate your organization’s style quotient, while keeping in line with its mission and vision.



The Reception Desk


The reception desk is the second-most important feature of the lounge. It creates a human contact between the organization and the guest. A perfectly placed and well-made reception desk ensures that the receptionist can handle and accommodate the requirements of guests with ease, while providing an area for the organization to show off its work culture. Decor8 has a wide array of tables that are perfect for the reception desk, allowing guests to easily interact with the receptionist with minimal hassle.