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Office Filing Cabinets, Shelving & Storage

Check out Decor8 Office Filing Cabinets, Shelving and Storage. Store and file your valuable office documents and paperwork to keep your workplace organized and get back to whats most important - your work. With small or large offices, Decor8 has a diverse range of storage solutions to suit your office needs.

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Office Filing Cabinets, Shelves and Storage


Storage is an integral part of any workplace. Almost all offices have to work with paper files that need to be stored in an organized and systematic manner to ensure that they are accessible whenever required. Even with the added advantage of digital documentation and storage facilities for documents, a large number of physical documents are needed to be kept in an orderly manner, so as to ensure that both can be retrieved when required. With offices in the 21st century having a sleek and sophisticated design, more and more organizations are opting for a modern design that reflect the mission and vision of the organization. Decor8, a premium furniture Hong Kong store, has a wide variety of storage solutions that provide your office with the perfect storage solutions for books, folders and binder files. The storage options range from bookcases, to filing cabinets, to wooden drawer chests, and storage cubicles in a variety of finishes. The materials used for the construction of these items include high quality wood; with superior finishes of that of oak, chestnut, walnut, alder and a large variety of other high quality wood.




Storage Options That Look Good and Are Easy to Use


Storage of documents and other files is of vital importance for organizations. As a result, storage options for files and folders are chosen to be more convenient, with greater emphasis on storage space and safety options, and lesser importance being given to the aesthetic factors. With the advent of digital storage solutions, the classic use of filing cabinets have come down drastically, but have not yet become obsolete, with the filing cabinets being used primarily as a means of archival of documents. 



Decor8 has a wide range of filing cabinets, made of both wood as well as metal, providing your office with the perfect storage solution that act as a decorative piece as well. In an office, storage is not only for documents and files, but also for miscellaneous items that require an aesthetically pleasing solution - such as those on the front lobby of the office. Decor8 has a wide range of bookcases and magazine stands that act as the perfect place to show off the intellectual side of your organization, as well as keep newspapers, magazines and other miscellaneous items stacked in a neat manner. 



The wide range of shelves from Decor8 ensure that your office does not need custom-made shelves that are fixed to walls - with easily removable and moveable shelves made from a large variety of materials, including wood, glass and stainless steel.