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New Furniture and Decor for Hong Kong Interior Design.

Shop new furniture in Hong Kong at Decor8 new modern contemporary design furniture collection. New arrivals from Decor8 - new furniture designs, new modern designer furniture for Hong Kong interior design - office, bedroom, lounge, dining, kitchen, living, outdoor and patio. Find the latest interior designer furniture in Hong Kong. Follow the latest designer furniture trends right here. Updates regularly.

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New Modern Design Furniture


Furniture is an essential part of your home. The furniture not only provides functionality, but is also an extension of your personality. The type and design of the furniture you choose shows your choice in aesthetics, as well as how you position them around your home. Decor8 is Hong Kong's premier home furniture online store and showroom, having a huge assortment of high quality furniture encompassing designs and aesthetics inspired from tribal artwork, art deco architecture, traditional woodwork design, minimalist European design aesthetics and modern new wave architecture.


One of the most striking artistic movements is the New Modern Design or Neo-Modern design. This design style utilizes the minimalism of European design philosophy while not letting go of traditional motifs, to create an artistic style that is unique and contemporary. The style is not only prevalent in art, but also in other facets of life, including architecture and interior design. Decor8 has an excellent collection of New Modern Design furniture, allowing you to add a dash of contemporary sophistication to your home. With various types of furniture for the living room, the guest room, the bedroom, the dining room and the lobby, Decor8 lets you style your house in a contemporary fashion at an affordable cost.


Take a look at the various types of furniture that we at Decor8 offer for each room of your house.


Living Room Furniture 


The living room is the most prominent room of your house. It is the location where you spend your time resting, relaxing and communicating with people. When guests, friends and relatives arrive, they are entertained in the living room, and as such, it is the first place where people get an idea about who you are and how your choices are. Decor8 Furniture HK provides some of the most original living room furniture designs in tune with the New Modern Design philosophy, with clean lines and clear textures for a sophisticated look. You can choose from our careful selection of side cabinets with wood finish, glass and metal coffee tables, Scandinavian-inspired side tables and sofa sets, wood finish television cabinets, lounge chairs and recliners, and an assortment of lamps to light up your house in style.


Bedroom Furniture 


The bedroom is the place where you spend most of your time while you are in your home. It is a place for relaxation and privacy. Decor8 Furniture HK has a stylish array of furniture to give warmth to your bedroom while maintaining the Neo-Modern Design aesthetics. You can choose from a wide variety of single and double beds of various sizes, from the diminutive queen-sized bed to the large emperor-sized beds. In addition, there is a huge variety of poufs, ottomans and chairs to choose from. If you prefer to work from home, Decor8 also has a nice variety of desks and tables, made from fine wood such as ash and walnut; tempered glass, and metal to provide you with a quiet and private working space. To keep all of your clothes and essentials in order, Decor8 Furniture HK has a wide variety of wardrobes of various sizes, made of high quality wood to let you store your things in style.


Guest Room Furniture 


The guest room is the place where guests stay, if they choose to stay over for the night. The guest room has a unique place in the household, since it needs to combine the aesthetics of the living room while providing privacy and comfort like the bedroom. In addition, the guest room is also a location where guests should have a place to sleep. Decor8 has a huge variety of furniture for that perfect Hong Kong guest room, allowing you customize the Hong Kong guest room in tune with your living room or other areas of your home or flat. A nice collection of couches, armchairs, lounge chairs and stools lets you create the perfect seating arrangements, while a careful selection of high quality and stylish beds add a dash of warmth and comfort. In addition, a wide range of side tables and cabinets coupled with stylish wardrobes let you create the perfect storage options for your guests. Decor8 Furniture Hong Kong lets you choose from a huge array of lamps of all types, from wall-stand lamps to table lamps; from wall-mounted decorative lamps to and ceiling- mounted decorative structures, you have nearly an infinite possibility of choosing the perfect form of illumination for your home.


Lobby, Foyer and Entrance Furniture 


The lobby, foyer or entrance is the first place your guests see when they enter your home or commercial project. While for some, it has only a functional purpose, Decor8 has an excellent array of furniture options to add a dash of personality to your lobby, foyer or entrance. For the lobby, foyer or entrance, some of the most important pieces of furniture are shelves for storage of shoes, stands to store umbrellas, hats and coats, and minimal seating arrangements. You can choose from a variety of low-body shelves made of high quality wood, New Modern Design inspired benches and stools, and modern umbrella and hat stands made of stainless steel with chrome finish to make your lobby, foyer or entrance look contemporary and stylish. In addition, you can also keep decorative items and souvenirs in your lobby, foyer or entrance on shelves or console tables, choosing from a selection of high-quality wooden and glass shelves and consoles.


Dining Room Furniture 


Dining room furniture, as the name suggests is the location where you eat. One of the most interesting locations of your home, the dining room connects the kitchen with the other rooms in your house. Decor8 has a wide array of furniture to provide a dash of style to the dining room. With a selection of high quality solid wood and plywood dining tables and chair sets for those who love the texture and look of wooden furniture, to a beautiful selection of glass-and-metal dining tables for an ultra-modern look; Decor8 gives you some of the best pieces of furniture to style up your dining room without burning a hole in your pocket.


For every part of your home, Decor8 carefully curates the best in New Modern Design furniture at an attractive price, letting you create the home of your dreams.