Industrial Interior Design Inspiration for your Home

Industrial Loft Furniture and Décor

Trying to decorate your interiors with an industrial vibe adds a touch of modernity to any room. From modern colors to industrial designs, industrial style furniture can transform the aesthetic of any room, giving it an edgier appeal. If you are shopping for furniture Hong Kong, then Decor8 is the place to go. With furniture that has been carefully selected to magnify the good in any room, you can soon find yourself living in interiors that match your inner aesthetic. Containing modern designs and crafted to perfection, these pieces of furniture Hong Kong can transform your living experience.

A Wide Range of Designs

The collection of furniture Hong Kong at Decor8 is wide, allowing you to choose from a range of products that guarantees that you will find what you are looking for. Just one piece of furniture Hong Kong can add a layer of modernity to your interiors. Working with industrial designs, no longer do they have to be restricted to traditional locations. Created specifically for use in a broad range of contexts, these pieces of furniture can be used to your benefit, almost anywhere. Not just for use in personal homes, even industrial and commercial venues can benefit by adding industrial loft furniture to their décor.

Where Modernity Meets Originality

Industrial furniture looks promising in any place. They add layers of aesthetic to any room, making it more pleasing to the eyes. Decor8 presents its collection of furniture Hong Kong that lets you add a touch of modernity to your interiors. From light bulbs to chairs made in the industrial fashion, if you are looking to add modernity to your interiors, then our collection is perfect for you. Just by placing one of these pieces in your room, you instantly transform its appeal.

Browse Through our Collection

With a broad collection that gives you the opportunity to look through a wide range of designs, you can never go wrong when you are looking to buy furniture Hong Kong with Decor8. Add a chair from our collection to your room, and watch it transform into a paradise worth investing in. The colors make everything else around it stand out, while its design is made to be eye catching. These pieces of furniture Hong Kong are sure to draw eyes, all the while making your interior look more fashionable. If you are looking to invest in industrial loft furniture, then shop with Decor8 today!

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Marble Coffee Table Ideas to Create a Luxurious Contemporary Living Room

Nesting coffee table are a great choice for minimal space, it is one of the best space-saving furnitures with their unique stacking function and design. Just slide them out when you need more table surface, then stack them back when finished. 

The Bergen Marble Nesting Tables with Brass Frame is elegant, stylish, stunning and space saving. Marble is one of the most popular materials for furnitures nowadays, supported with brass frame adding a touch of glam to it. This paring of nesting table are brimming with simplistic elegance, and it adds some modern flair to the living room too.

帶有黃銅框架的卑爾根大理石嵌套桌優雅,時尚,令人驚嘆,節省空間。 大理石是當今最受歡迎的家具材料之一,配有黃銅框架,增添了一絲華麗。 嵌套餐桌的裝飾簡約優雅,為客廳增添了一些現代風格。


Bergen Marble Nesting Tables with Brass Frame是一款優雅,時尚,又節省空間的茶几。高貴的大理石面是當今最受歡迎的家具材料之一,配以黃銅框架,增添了一絲華麗感。簡約優雅的組合茶几為客廳增添了現代風格。

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Best Industrial Dining Rooms Ideas for your Home
Best Industrial Dining Rooms Ideas for your Home

Industrial style is becoming more popular nowadays. Industrial elements can always blend in with your existing design at your home no matter you prefer a more modern or vintage look. Dining room is one of the most essential rooms in a house, it is worthy to put some effort there, enjoying meals and gatherings with the one you love in this cool and stylish dining room. 

A simply way is to select a table and chairs with contain wood or metal, or both. Table with wood top and dark metal frame such as our Woodrow Industrial loft style table and Berger industrial loft vintage table is simple, stylish and practical. Chairs with wood or metal legs will match very well with the table. But if you want something more special but not to too overwhelming, the Kante modern loft dining chair is the option for you. The chair is comfy with simple design, the PU leather and unusual thin metal leg design can defiantly attract guests attention.  

工業風格如今變得越來越流行。 無論喜歡更現代還是複古外觀,工業元素都可以隨時與你現有的設計融為一體。 飯廳是最重要的空間之一,值得付出多點心思,在這個時尚的飯廳與親友用餐及交流。

選擇包含木材或金屬的桌椅是其中一種簡單快捷的方法。飯枱採用木面及深色金屬框架,如Woodrow Industrial loft style table 和 Berger industrial loft vintage table,簡約,時尚又實用。木或金屬造的餐椅與餐桌非常匹配。 如果你想要一些餐椅特別又不太浮誇, 可考慮Kante modern loft dining chair。 它設計簡潔,十分舒適,彷皮配以不常見的幼身鐵腳設計,定能吸引賓客的注意。

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Smart Contrast

How to get the smart contrast look?

Are you looking for a smart way to dress up your dining area? Try the smart contrast look, which looks as smart as a guy or woman in a smart suit. A smart yet money-saving option for your dining room is the Rectangle Table. This slim looking dining table would make a nice change to those bulky wooden tables. The solid wood table may be sturdier than this table but the outlook is chunky and often prices are a lot steeper. The beauty and the craftsmanship of this table make it a perfect fit for our contrasting look.

For chairs around your table, we suggest the stylish yet affordable Dsw Style Dining Chairs. These come in an easy to clean material and legs that will complement the table. These chairs are light which makes them easily transportable around the home if required.

In conclusion, incorporating both these items into your dining area could help you save some money. This is great and will allow you to put some money into other furniture or decor pieces for your home. Find the above-mentioned items at our Decor8 Website or visit us to see some real samples before purchase.

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Decor8 Living Room Ideas

Oct 20, 2017 5:20 PM

Decor8 Living Room Ideas

Seeking to create a natural calming interior environment to relax in? Facing the facts, most of us have a busy daily lifestyle and rarely have time to do anything else. Once you finish work, all you want to do is wind down and relax. What better way to do this than to create a relaxing home environment with natural warm colours and materials. Whether you decide to hang out with family or friends, a living setting that makes you comfortable can help bring those stress levels down.

Take a large comfy sofa like the Lewis Contemporary Fabric Sofa and add a throw to it with some plummeted cushions for more added comfort. Adding a full-size rug in front of your sofa could help define the space so it doesn't look too bare and will even prevent your coffee table from scratching the floor. To add even more pattern into your living room, you could add the Plywood Ctw Coffee Table. A small sturdy table that would be the perfect solution to place all the items you want close by your sofa. Both these items are available in a variety of colours and wood finishes to suit the tone of your style.

To find out great selections that could work with this style, you could browse our extensive modern furniture range at our Decor8 website. Items range from different styles, sizes, and colour at amazing prices.

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